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Step Up Your Digital Dentistry Workflow

CAD/CAM Equipment. Software. Hardware. Materials.

Esthetic Professionals Dental Distribution Center

State-of-The-Art CAD/CAM Equipment

The Tools

EP Distribution provides complete digital dentistry solutions encompassing state-of-the-art mills, scanners, furnaces, and 3D Printers from some of the most trusted brands on the market -- Amman Girrbach, Carestream, Degrees of Freedom, MoonRay. We don't ever sell any product that we don't personally use day-to-day in our own in-house lab. Our singular vision is to provide our patients maximum convenience with high quality, "same day" results and we believe that can only be achieved by leveraging the latest innovations in digital dentistry. Allow us to give you a live demo at CDA South this year!

Digital Dentistry Software

The Design

For many dental practices the most difficult part of digital dentistry is working the CAD/CAM software. While once a daunting chore, digital dentistry software makes bounds every year in becoming more intuitive, turnkey, and easy to use. Not only does EP Distribution provide the latest software with constant updates and upgrades, but we also provide customized training for you and your staff. As the technology continues to rapidly improve, soon it will be the simplest and most mundane task for any member of your staff to use digital dentistry solutions to create high quality elements for your patients in record time.

Dental Lab Supplies And Consumables

The Materials

While CAD/CAM solutions allow you to masterfully sculpt dental elements to an unmatched precision, the quality of the materials used is probably the most critical factor for the longterm satisfaction of your patients. At our in-house lab, we have gone through and tested myriads of milling materials and resins, and we only carry the ones that have met our personal stamp approval over years of use. As you innovate your workflow with new digital dentistry technologies, we can be your partner in providing you top-of-the-line dentistry materials to incorporate in your procedures.

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