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 Course Calendar



Friday 11th       “EP Giving Back to the Dental Community Free CE Series: Reaching your Practice Potential,                               Practice Management, Technology, Case Presentation”                                                                               (Lecture/Demo) 6 CE

Friday 25th       “Advanced Fixed Prosthodontics Mentorship” (Starts)                                                                                                              (Lecture/Hands-On) 140 CEU

                       “Introduction to Segmenting Complex Reconstructions and Occlusion for the GP:  Part I”                           (Lecture/Demo) (Dr. Bruce J. Crispin) 8 CEU


Saturday 26th   “Diagnostic Procedures and Pre-restorative Therapy: Part I                                                                                     (Lecture/Hands-On) (Dr. Bruce J. Crispin) 8 CEU



Friday 2nd         “Comprehensive Esthetic and Restorative Mentorship” (Starts)                                                                               (Lecture/Hands-On) 42-155 CEU


                          “Occlusion Part I: What you Need to Know to Stay out of  Trouble Plus Pain Management and                             Prevention: Quick Splint”                                 

                           (Lecture/Hands-On) (Dr. Brad Eli and Dr. Bruce J. Crispin)  8 CEU

                         “Annual Posterior Direct Alternatives: Materials and  Techniques”                                                                          (Lecture/Demo) (Bruce J. Crispin) 2 CEU


Saturday 3rd     “Understanding Esthetic Parameters and Design                                                                                   (Lecture/Hands-On) (Dr. Bruce J. Crispin) 6 CEU

                           “Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: Part I”                                                                                                               (Lecture/Demo) (Dr. Kristi A Crispin) 2 CEU



Friday 6th        “Anterior Bonding Part I & II: Class IV and DiastemA Closure”                                   (Lecture/Demo/Hands-On) (Dr. James Peyton) 8 CEU

Saturday 7th  Digital Communication: Intra-Oral and Portrait Photography Workshop”                                                              (Lecture/Hands-On) (Dr. Bernie Villadiego) 8 CEU TEAM PROGRAM

TBA                  “Comprehensive Implant/Grafting Live Patients                               (Lecture/Hands-On) (Dr. Kevin Frawley) Up to 32 CEU

Saturday 14th     “Provisionals to be Proud of”                                                         (Lecture/Hands-On) (Dr. Bruce J. Crispin)                                                                 8 CEU TEAM PROGRAM



Friday 15th         “Mastering Esthetic and Restorative Mentorship” (Step Two Starts)                                                                              (Lecture/Hands-On) (Dr. Bruce J. Crispin) 64 CEU

                            “Mastering the Anterior Direct Veneer”                                           (Lecture/Hands On) (Dr. James Peyton) 8 CEU 

Saturday 16th      “Mastering Indirect Esthetic Restorations Mentorship” (Starts)                                 (Lecture/Hands-On)(Optional Clinic)(Dr. Bruce J. Crispin)                                      64-96 CEU

AM “Anterior Crowns, Bridges (Conservative Options), Provisionals”                                                                                                                (Lecture/Hands-On) (Dr. Bruce J. Crispin) 4 CEU

                             PM “Getting Started in Implant Dentistry”                                             (Lecture/Hands-On) (TBA) 4 CEU

 23/24                  Treating the Completely Edentulous Patient                                                             All on 2, 4, 6, 8,…                                                                                                         (Lecture/Hands-On) (Dr. Tony Daher) 16 CEU


Friday 19th/20th           “Minimally Invasive Posterior Indirect Restorations: Practice Introduction,                                                              Preparations,  Provisionals,Direct/Indirect,  Same Day CAD/CAM, Cementation”

                                    (Lecture/Hands-on) (Dr. Bruce J. Crispin) 16 CEU 



Friday 19th/20th             “Comprehensive Ceramic Veneer Series”                        

                                   (Lecture/Hands-on*) (Dr. Bruce J. Crispin) 21 CEU

                               *Viewing Webinar Required Before First Session

                                Optional Veneer Clinical Sessions”

                               (Times and Dates Personalized) 16 CEU



Friday 23rd               “Minimize Lab Returns with Shade Analysis, Controlling Color and Modifying the Color of Ceramic/Zirconia Restorations Chairside”                                                                  (Lecture/Hands-on) (Dr. Bruce J. Crispin) 8 CEU

Saturday 24th            “Occlusion Part II: Anterior Guidance Control to Minimize Wear and add Longevity to Complex Cases”                                                           (Lecture/Hands-on) (Dr. Bruce J. Crispin) 8 CEU



Fri-Sat 7th-8th              “Comprehensive Clinical Session 1-2”

Fri-Sat 21st – 22nd         “Comprehensive Clinical Sessions 3-4”



The faculty for our programs include carefully selected guest speakers with extensive knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. Esthetic Professionals instructors assist our featured speakers throughout the course.

max_width_extra_small_agdEsthetic Professionals is designated as an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education programs of this program provider are accepted by AGD for Fellowship, Mastership, and membership maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. Provider ID# 218987




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