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MoonRay D: Dental 3D Printer Product Details

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MoonRay D: Dental 3D Printer
MoonRay D: Dental 3D Printer
MoonRay D: Dental 3D Printer

MoonRay D: Dental 3D Printer

World's 1st Desktop 3D Printer Calibrated for Digital Dentistry

A Fully Integrated Digital Dentistry Experience

Software. Hardware. Materials

Order Today: MoonRay, A Step Forward in 3D Printing

Efficient Workflow

RayWare Dental

Easy To Use Options

We created the RayWare Dental Software to be easy to use, with all of the options dental professionals need. Add your dental model and RayWare will provide you with recommended settings, material selection, and support generation.

Custom-built UV Projector


Blue-violet Light Engine

RayOne™ UV DLP projector was developed for 3D printing and calibrated for digital dentistry. With RayOne, we’ve maximized light intensity consistency to preserve every detail and ensure the accuracy of your printed parts.

Custom-Formulated and Certified

Biocompatible Resin

For Surgical Guides and Dentures

Our biocompatible resin for MoonRay D allows you to print accurate and functional surgical guides and dentures. Use our biocompatible resin to go from 3D model to final product in under two hours.

Advance Your Dental Practice

High-Resolution, Fast, and Accurate Dental Models

MoonRay for 3D Printing Dental Models, Crowns, and Copings

High Resolution Parts

SprintRay's MoonRay D makes it easy to print precise dental models from intraoral or other 3D scans. These models can then be used to test for the proper fit of copings in an exact model of a patient’s teeth and tissue by allowing you to print gaps or walls as small as 100 microns (.1mm). MoonRay D’s resolution is two times better than laser SLA 3D printers, ensuring your printed dental models will never be missing even the smallest of details.

Z Resolution

20 Microns

Minimum Layer Thickness

XY Resolution

75 Microns

Minimum Feature Size

Fast Prints

SprintRay's MoonRay D prints up to ten times faster than laser SLA 3D printers. When using a DLP 3D printer like MoonRay D, the height of your model is the only factor that affects print speed. This allows you to print multiple models in the same amount of time it takes to print one model. You can print a platform full of dental models or copings in two hours, so you won’t have to waste a workday waiting for your parts to print.

Consistent Print Speed

Up to 10x Faster

When Compared to Laser SLA

Accurate Prints

All of your models printed with MoonRay D will be exceptionally accurate. That accuracy is the result of our RayOne D projector and high-performance MoonRay Dental materials. RayOne D’s uniform light intensity across the build platform eliminates the distortion issues you experience with laser SLA and conventional DLP 3D printing.

Uniform Output

More than 99%

Accuracy on the Build Platform

Maximize Production

Utilizing SprintRay's MoonRay D in your dental practice will lower your costs and save you valuable time. Fill up the spacious build platform and print up to forty crowns or copings with MoonRay Castable Resin in less than two hours, at a cost of about two cents each. See how MoonRay D compares to other 3D printers used in the dental industry below.

Cost Savings

Up to 50%

Per Dental Model

MoonRay for 3D Printing Dental Models, Crowns, and Copings

Streamline Your Work Process

Efficient and Affordable

MoonRay D’s fast DLP technology, generous build envelope, and affordable materials make it an efficient investment. Maximize MoonRay D’s potential by printing multiple models at once, making your workflow faster and more economical. We broke down the cost and production time of the most common types of dental parts you can print with MoonRay D:

MoonRay D - Wireless High Resolution 3D Printer

Precise Dental Models

3-5 Models / 1.5 Hours

$0.5-$2 / Model

MoonRay D - Wireless High Resolution 3D Printer

Crowns, Copings, and Bridges

30-40 Models / 2 Hours

$0.4 / Model

MoonRay D - Wireless High Resolution 3D Printer

Surgical Drill Guides

3-5 Models / 2 Hours

$0.40-$2 / Model

MoonRay D - Wireless High Resolution 3D Printer

Custom Dental Trays

2-4 Models / 3 Hours

$1-$3 / Model

Technical Data

Made with MoonRay D Made with Other Machines
Max. build size 5 x 3.2 x 8 in. 2.3 x 1.7 x 3.9 in.
Cost to produce (US$) Crowns/Copings
$0.40 for 20 Pcs.

$1 for 5-7 Pcs.

$10.00 - $20.00 for 20 Pcs.

$10 for 1-2 Pcs.
Time to produce Crowns/Copings
40 Pcs. in 2 hrs

5-7 Pcs. in 2 hrs

20 Pcs. in 2 hrs

1-2 Pcs. in 2 hrs

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