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Tips and Tricks 1: Veneer Patients Pre-Operative Bleaching

Do you bleach teeth before veneers? Watch to find out!

Tips and Tricks 2: Ortho vs Veneers

When should you do ortho and when should you do veneers? Dr. Crispin has the answer.

Tips and Tricks 3: Veneer Preparations On Malpositioned Teeth Part 1

Do you know how to approach malpositioned teeth? Dr. Crispin has these 3 steps.

Tips and Tricks 4: Veneer Preparations On Malpositioned Teeth Part 2

This is the second part to Tips and Tricks 3, click on Part 1 to watch the first section.

Tips and Tricks 5: Patient Motivation


Part 1 of Tips and Tricks Paitent Motivation

Tips and Tricks 6: Patient Motivation Photography

Part 2 of Tips & Tricks Patient Motivation

Tips and Tricks 7: Patient motivation

Part 3 of Tips & Tricks Patient Motivation

Tips and Tricks 8: Difficult Patients

Let’s talk about difficult patients, Dr. Crispin has some great advice in this episode. 

Tips and Tricks 9: Difficult Patients Part 2 Patient Psychology


Part 2 of Tips and Tricks Difficult Patients

Tips & Tricks 10: Handling Difficult Patients Part 3 – Big No No’s

Tips and Tricks 11: Handling Difficult Patient Part 4 – Multiple Appt.

Part 4 of  Tips & Tricks Difficult Patients

Tips and Tricks 12: Handling Difficult Patients Part 5

Part 5 of Tips & Tricks Difficult Patients

Tips and Tricks 13: Mockups for Motivation


In this newest installment of Tips & Tricks, Dr. Crispin discusses the power of Mock Ups

Tips & Tricks 14 Controlling Veneer Preparation

Take control of your veneer preparation! 

Tips and Tricks 15: Materials For Ceramic Veneers

What matierals are used for ceramic veneers? 

Tips and Tricks 16 Selecting Incisal Translucency Design

Let’s talk about translucency!

Tips and Tricks 17 Significance of Veneer Provisionals

Episode 17 of Tips & Tricks, published March 2023. We’ve got more to come!

Tips and Tricks 18 Ceramic Veneer Proximal Contacts To Break Or Not To Break

Sit tight and enjoy epsiode 18,  while we create new content.

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