The Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education

is a teaching foundation dedicated to the advancement of the highest standards of dental treatment.

Courses are characterized by an atmosphere of openness and free exchange of ideas. The principles and techniques taught are based on scientific research and /or clinical evidence that has stood the test of time. In today’s changing world of HMO’s, and PPO’s,capitation, managed care and other third party interference in the practice of dentistry, it is invaluable to have a forum in which the philosophy, skills, and modalities necessary to develop an independent quality practice can be taught. The practices of each of the faculty at FACE are living proof that the true quality practice can flourish in any environment and it is our purpose to arm each participant with the information necessary to achieve that goal.

The New FACE Level 3 Program is Here!

Starts September 2024

Level 3 completes the FACE training, providing tools for high-quality dentistry that makes dental care predictable, profitable, and rewarding. There is no class in dentistry that I am aware that will be this comprehensive in multiple areas of restorative care.  

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In 1974 Drs. Thomas Basta, Ron Roth and Gerry Preiner co-founded the Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education (FACE) in Burlingame, California.

FACE was the first of its kind interdisciplinary study club where Restorative dentist and Orthodontist leaned together how to treat complex cases to allow for the most stable and predictable long term results. Dr. Basta chaired the restorative department and Dr. Roth chaired the orthodontic department. The goal was to learn the importance of a team approach when diagnosing and treating patients. Initially, study groups were comprised of both restorative and orthodontic practitioners. Understanding the challenges and limitations of both orthodontic and restorative treatment was an enlightening learning experience for every participant in the program. The participants’ desire for more extensive training in their chosen fields however, led to the establishment of separate restorative and orthodontic programs. In 1990, Drs. Ron Roth and Bob Williams moved down the street and formed the Roth-Williams teaching group. Drs. Basta and Preiner continue to mentor and administrate the ” Advanced Restorative Dentistry” program at the FACE teaching facility. Participants in both of these programs continue to be trained in the pursuit of common treatment goals.

The Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education was originally established in 1974.

The ultimate goal of the training is to pass on to each participant the skills necessary to deliver the highest quality dentistry on the planet and develop a quality practice with special emphasis on clinical excellence, patient satisfaction, and true professional and personal fulfillment.

In 1997, Dr Jeff Brucia teamed up with Dr. Basta to advance the Restorative dental curriculum to include the most advanced adhesive and restorative techniques available and they continued to teach every class together until the passing of Dr. Basta in April of 2022.

Dr. Brucia has chaired all clinical education since 2015 when we moved from Burlingame, Ca to Tarzana, Ca.
Dr. Basta and Brucia made every effort to surround themselves with the very best educators in each area of dentistry. Our faculty includes Dr. David Hatcher (Cranio-facial Radiology), Dr. Kirk Pasquinelli (Implants and Periodontal care), Dr. Andy Girardot (Orthodontics), Dr. Straty Righellis (Orthodontics), Dr. Yo Mukai (Ortho-Orthognathic surgery), Dr.Ralan Wong (Endodontics) and Mr. James Patterson (Dental lab technology). Faculty and support team include  Dr. Curtis Rowe, Dr. William Hadlock, Dr. Lilia Martinez, Dr. Ashish Mehta and Ms. Melba Culannay.
The goal today is as it was when Tom and Ron started the Foundation. To teach the knowledge and skills essential to providing the most successful and stable clinical care possible.

Dr. Jeff Brucia

a graduate of the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry where he is currently an Assistant Professor of Dental Practice.  He is practicing Esthetic and Restorative dentistry full time in San Francisco, California. He is the 2011 recipient of the Gordon J. Christensen Recognition Lecturer Award.

Dr. Jeff Brucia

In 2021, he was presented with the Marvin C. Goldstein Burning Bush award for excellence in dental education.   In 2010, Dr. Brucia was elected a fellow in the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (AAED) and now is a past president of the AAED. He has also been selected by Dentistry Today as one of the top clinicians in dental continuing education today.

FACE is a three level program where each level will build on the material presented in the previous level and expand your knowledge and confidence when treating complex cases in your practice.

All programs are Wednesday-Sunday with the hours of Wed-Sat 9:00 am - 5:00 (sometimes later) and Sunday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm.


Level 1 is 5 continuous days of learning.
Level 2 is 15 days over 5-6 months.
Level 3 is 20 days over 9 months.

Course Location:
Esthetic Professionals Center
18981 Ventura Blvd Suite 200
Tarzana, CA 91356

Lectures, Small Group Demonstrations, Hands-On Practice, and Follow-Up Mentoring Support

Level 1

Starts Jan 10-14th 2024

This 5 day class will include basic instruction in study model set up, dental materials and the fabrication/delivery of the F.O.S.A.

The Adhesive materials section will be an all day lecture and workshop covering several areas of basic to the most advanced minimally invasive adhesive techniques.  Some of the many topics will include direct composite restorations, indirect partial coverage restorations, Immediate Dentinal Sealing, Deep Margin Elevation and much much more.

The F.A.C.E. Orthopedic Stabilizing Appliance (F.O.S.A.) is an occlusal splint that will provide a needed procedure for many in your practice today.  Most every dentists utilizing the F.O.S.A. have found it an excellent way to add value to their dental practices.


”But I already know how to make a nightguard”
Yes, and you’re probably doing the best you know how. Generally, occlusal appliances prescriptions read “splint” or “night guard” and whatever the lab produces is delivered “as is” to patients. The great majority of nightguards used often create unanticipated results of breakage, pain, or worse, permanent pathologic TMJ and occlusal distortions.What if you could substantially increase the quality and profitability of your practice with less than a week of training?  This course will provide the knowledge and techniques to enhance the therapeutic scope of your practice while increasing your net income.
When are they indicated?
  • Severely worn dentition.
  • Symptomatic TMJs due to occlusal stimuli
  • Stabilization of the TMJs before embarking on complex restorative treatment
  • Stabilization of occlusion for improved results when treating Periodontal issues.
  • Protecting Esthetic Porcelain & Resin Dentistry from the ravages of nocturnal Bruxing and Clenching.

Level 2


February 1-5, March 29-April 2, June 7-11

This 15 day class will include more advanced techniques all areas or restorative dentistry.

Every one of our Level 1 graduates have seen why they would want to keep moving forward with their F.A.C.E. learning. I want to make it possible for you to provide the highest quality, predictable and most profitable dentistry possible. The very most rewarding dentistry are the cases that go in without problems and Level 2 program can get you there most every time.

Level 2 Topics

Live Patient Demonstrations
Adjustment free Centric Occlusion (MIP) dentistry. This is what you are doing every day in your practice. You will see every step of the partial coverage preparation, Immediate Dentin Sealing, the Margin Elevation Technique, temporization, impressions, mounting procedures, lab communication, and the final placement of a partial coverage porcelain restoration. This will be an incredible learning opportunity.
Clinical Portion With Partners
    • Perfecting the FOSA technique. You should have already been making many of these with great success. We want to make sure you are not having any problems or questions.
    • Location of the true hinge position and taking a true facebow and CR record. All mounting procedures that have a check list to verify every step of the procedure. Learning this technique will raise your level of clinical success to incredible heights. Imagine partial and full mouth cases that drop right to place with complete predictability.                                                                The workshop portion of the program will explore the world of simple to complex restorative dentistry with hands-on exercises on:
    • More direct/indirect composite technques for the anterior and posterior direct and indirect restorations.
    • Implant tissue shape transfer/ certification jigs and implant denture conversion.
1. A full day with Dr. David Hatcher discussing TMJ radiology.

2. A full day with Kirk Pasquienlli on all areas of periodontal care and implant treatment. 

3. Presentation from Dr. Yo Mukai on orthodontic set up and orthognathic surgery cases. 

4. Complex cases from start to finish using the knowledge that you are learning in the class

5. Treatment planning your current clinical cases. Bring in your patient’s mounted models, images and records and sit with Jeff and your classmates to generate the most predictable and successful treatment plan possible for your patients. One successful treatment plan will pay for this entire course.

Level 3

September 25-29, 2024.

January 29-February 2, 2025.

May 21-25, 2025.

September 24-27, 2025.  (No Sunday). 

This class will be a total of 4 weeks over a 1-year period

Level 3 will complete your FACE training and give you all the tools that we have to provide your patients with the very highest quality dentistry possible.  With a little practice, you will find quality dental care is not only predictable, but also the most profitable and rewarding care that you can deliver.  I have included an outline of some of the material to be covered in this level.

Level 3 Topics

View All Topics

*Master the FOSA for every patient.  This is critical for clinical success. 

*Hinge axis on every seated joint driven case.   

*Diagnosis and treatment work-up sheet for mounted models.  CRI for clinical use.  

*Digital smile design/FACE smile guide for the beginner.  

*Advanced placement rubber dam technique. 

*Techniques for advanced adhesive/Biomimetic dentistry.

*Posterior wax up/tooth morphology. 

*Clinical exposure to the full mandibular movement tracing and instrument setting.

*CBCT – Image reading to definitive treatment.  Most all compromised joints can be restored with stable and predictable results.  Joint surgery is rarely a good direction. 

*The marriage of implant-restorative cases.  

*The full surgical case – How to diagnosis, quarterback and finish every case.  

*Ortho-Restorative cases. Indications and limits. 

*Basic clinical photography.  

*Clinical guidance for your clinical cases.  

*Student presentations to the group on a subject of your choising.


Dr. David Hatcher

Dr. David Hatcher

TMJ & Radiology

Dr. Kirk Pasquinelli

Dr. Kirk Pasquinelli

Perio & Implants

Dr. Michael Gunson

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Andy Girardot

Ortho tx. 

Dr. David Hatcher

Dr. Straty Righellis

Ortho tx.

Dr. Kirk Pasquinelli

Dr. Yo Makai

Ortho / OG Surgery

Mr. Jim Paterson


Dr. Ralan Wong

Endo tx. 

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