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We offer 1, 2, and 3 day course options.


Specializing in hands-on and clinical courses, our mission is to make dentists happier and more successful through education.

Here at our education center, we proudly offer PACE approved dental CE through both residencies and 1-3 day courses. 

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Transform Your Practice with a Hands-on Education

Join America’s Longest Running Esthetic Program and learn from some of the best Dental Educators in the country. In this residency, Dr. Bruce Crispin and other remarkable instructors will teach you how to level up your practice.

Are You Ready to Advance?

Is it time you stop neglecting lucrative complex cases because of a lack of knowledge or because you did not know how to plan treatment stages the average patient can afford? We want to see your practice succeed, and we’re here to help you learn how to be successful in diagnosing, staging, and completing the comprehensive restorative cases that every practice contains.

Take the Next Step In Your Dental Practice Journey

Not sure where to start? Not ready for the commitment of a residency? If you still want to better your practice, build your dental toolbox, and level up in Dental, take one of our 1-3 day courses! We proudly offer numerous courses year-round.

It's Time to Focus on Indirect Procedures

The purpose of the “Mastering Indirect Restorative Residency” is to provide a comprehensive curriculum that focuses exclusively on indirect restorative procedures, diagnosis, materials, occlusion, and techniques.

What's New at Esthetic Professionals?

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Meet the Directors

Drs. Kristi and Bruce Crispin are co-directors of Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center (EP) in Tarzana California. 

This dynamic father daughter team has over 60 years of teaching and practice experience.

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Our Sponsors

For 20+ years, our sponsors have supplied our residencies and courses with the necessary and vital equipment & materials used in our hands-on and clinical curriculum. Thank you to our sponsors for their continuous generosity, we appreciate your support in our pursuit of providing continued education to our Dental community. 

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Esthetic Professionals Education Center is a proud nonprofit, join us in our pursuit of bettering Dentists nationwide and learn how your company may aid us in our mission.  

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center strives to provide unparalleled hands-on and clinical education in all areas of dentistry. Selecting the right educational facility can be a difficult decision.

Don’t simply take our word for it; listen to what our alumni have to say…

“This mentorship has provided so much knowledge!”

“I just wanted to send this email and express how happy I am to have completed the Esthetic Residency (Mentorship) program at EP.

The amount of knowledge I have learned has been so helpful in my practice and I look forward to returning in the future for the advanced course. I want to thank you and Dr. Crispin for everything and I look forward to returning in the future…”

Dino Gharibian, DDS

Very comfortably in dealing with complex cases like at no other time in my life

“When my patients come to my office I’m providing them with the best dentistry there is out there. Bruce and Kristi are just absolutely two of the most beautiful human beings there can be. He is sincere, he is caring, he is there for you.

What you are going to get here is what is called personalized teaching. You become a member of this institution, a member of this family. The level of confidence has shot up tremendously. I can honestly present the patient with a treatment plan that I have full confidence in knowing, you know what I know. how this is going to look like at the end– I already have a vision of how this is going to end up.

I feel very comfortably in dealing with complex cases like at no other time in my life. Going through the program and being faculty here at Esthetic Professionals has had an extremely positive impact on my practice.

In many ways, obviously monetarily has been very beneficial, but the status that I have acquired from being knowledgeable in this type of complex cosmetic dentistry has drawn people from miles and miles to my office.”

Viviane S. Haber, DDS

State of the art Facility…….taken to the next level

“One of the reasons that I started to take courses over here– the quality that stands out the most– is the hands-on practice that I get here in every single program.

Working with Dr. Bruce Crispin has been a great experience. He has a passion for teaching.

The facility here is definitely state of the art. They have everything is the latest equipment, materials everything from digital radiography to the best equipment, hand pieces that there is out there in the market.

They have taken us to the next level. And that is one of the reasons that I keep coming back here. And that’s probably what purple means to me: commitment to excellence and commitment to education.

It allows us to see only one or two patients a day and make the profit that we would make in a week seeing a lot more patients.”

Harold Perlaza, DDS

“I don’t think I would’ve achieved as much without Esthetic Professionals”

“Esthetic Professionals is different than a lot of the other educational centers I’ve been to. Primarily because of its atmosphere. It’s a very comfortable atmosphere.

There is a lot of camaraderie here between staff and the different students.

Purple means to me professionalism; it means a continuum in learning and it means a dedication to my patients.

The attention I’ve gotten here from the Crispin family, Bruce, Vicky and Kristi isn’t one of a student teacher relationship types. They really extended themselves in my case and in a lot of other students here.

I don’t think I would have achieved as much since 1998 my first visit here if it weren’t for them. The relationship with me is on a very very personal basis and as long as I practice dentistry this is a part of my life.

The effect of Esthetic Professionals on my business has been tremendous. In the last 5 years I pretty much have doubled I think even tripled because of ESTHETIC PROFESSIONALS.”

Tony T. Cabrera, DDS

“I could now make a quantum difference in my practice”

“For me the most valuable experience that I’ve walked away with from Esthetic Professionals was the learning and growing together in a family atmosphere.

For me teaching with Bruce and Kristi has been happy experience, it’s fun to work with them, it’s a family atmosphere.

Teaching with Esthetic Professionals has brought me to the level were the repetition of the programs, the repetition of material, bring a level of mastery that you cant get with a one time experience.

It wasn’t until Esthetic Professionals that the development, the organization of the skills was put in a way that I could make a quantum difference in my practice. I feel more confident and deal with more complex cases, we selectively place implants in our office we are doing more extensive reconstruction work. Patients are really grateful and the staff is supportive.

What purple means to me is the color of dentistry, basically everything Esthetic Professionals is purple because of dentistry but to me it’s also regal. 

Its fun taking classes here.

There is camaraderie that I haven’t experience in other dental experience. Every year my practice is going because of Esthetic Professionals.

I have been here for 10 years and the past ten years my accountant ask me what are you doing?

Time changes everything especially when time is invested wisely and I consider Esthetic Professionals residencies (mentorships)  the best investment of time I’ve ever made.”

-Paul V. Erin, DDS