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Creating your “dream practice” may seem impossible. Transforming from a high volume, low fee insurance driven practice is desirable. Change can seem overwhelming. Hands-on education is the key to practice transformation. By elevating your reputation above your peers, you will attract patients that realize insurance stifles optimal treatment and they are willing to pay extra.

Practice transformations are difficult and require introducing new techniques and acquiring a “Confidence Level” for application. Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center’s hands-on programs are the solution you have been looking for.


Consistent results, collaboration on difficult cases, materials selection, and esthetic outcomes are common problems with dental laboratories.  Having a partner to assist you with all your laboratory, dental and digital needs will reduce the stress of every dental practice

Esthetic Professionals Dental Laboratory is much more than just a manufacturing center.  Our on-staff Prosthodontist and general dentist, along with skilled technicians, can assist you in all phases of dental treatment.  Let us be your partner in the new digital world.


Does your salesperson use the equipment or materials they are selling you? Do they possess the real world experience to support you?

At Esthetic Professionals Distribution Center, “we use what we sell” in our commercial laboratory and dental practices every day which has made us industry leaders and a go-to resource for all our clients.  In addition, we install, train and repair the technology we sell.  Go to our e-commerce site to discover our full line of products sold and contact a sales representative to answer all your questions.


If your priority is quality and experience when choosing a dentist, you need to visit the practices of Drs. Kristi and Bruce Crispin (daughter/father). Choosing a dentist is difficult at best, but if you examine their credentials the choice is easy. Find out for yourself why dentists from all around the USA come to Esthetic Professionals to study under this dynamic team.

Call for a free “Meet and Greet” appointment and find out for yourself why patients will travel long distances to be treated in their Tarzana California Dental Center.

One Family’s Passion For Dentistry

Esthetic Professionals is a labor of love and has been for over 25 years.  This passion for dentistry shows in everything we do.  A passion for our patients, our clients, our students, and dentistry as a whole.  The legacy, founded by Dr. Bruce Crispin and Vicky Crispin, continues with the same passion and dedication which is the bedrock for this industry leader which is Esthetic Professionals.
- Dr. Bruce Crispin D.D.S, M.S., AAACD

Headed to the AAOMS?

You may qualify for special offers from EP Distribution

Digital Workflow Night: Spokane, WA

We're headed to Spokane, WA! Catch EP Distribution on Wednesday, October 11th, 2023 at Fete: A Nectar Company. We will be joined by representatives, leaders and experts of Carestream, Dentread, LuxCreo and Dexis. We've planned a whole night for the local dentists of...

Orofacial Lecture Meeting: Dr. Brad Eli & Face Pain Specialist

A special thanks to Dr. Brad Eli and the Face Pain Specialists for putting this great event together and letting us host you here at Esthetic Professionals this last Thursday. We look forward to your future lectures! Dr. Brad Eli is a nationally recognized authority...

Press Release: Desktop Health’s Denture Workflow | September 8th, 2023

Exciting news, we’re unlocking the power of 3D printing with Desktop Health! Join us September 8th, 2023 to learn all about Desktop Health’s Flexcera™ Denture workflow course.   Led by the very knowledgeable Director of Application Engineering of Desktop Health,...

Dentist Appreciation Event: August 25th, 2023

9AM-2PM (5CEU) It is easy to get behind by today’s standards and it happens quickly in these rapidly changing times. Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center, in Tarzana California, has put together a program that will share with you state of the...


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