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EP Dental Laboratory was created by Bruce J. Crispin DDS, MS, a Prosthodontist and educator, to provide dentists with quality services at fair prices.

Few, if any dental laboratories, have the knowledge and experience necessary to not only provide quality services but also guidance in all areas of restorative dentistry.  We want to be your partner in case planning and design, patient management, restorative services, materials selection, technology advice and ortho design and tray fabrication.

Our close relationship with Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center &  Distribution Center allows us to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry and separates us from other labs.


“One of the most important steps in achieving consistent success and problem avoidance is what you do before you start a case.”

Dr. Bruce J. Crispin

Founder, Esthetic Professionals

Let Dr. Bruce Crispin help you plan your more demanding cases from the beginning. For most complex cases, the final treatment destination must be determined, from sequencing, materials selection to patient management; all must be determined in advance.  Other concerns like matching discolored teeth, conservative bridge alternatives, implant abutment and prosthesis design are only a few of the many topics that we can help you with.

Success means happy patients and avoiding problems.  Let us assist you to be the best you can be.


Technology To Facilitate The Process

In order to fabricate the best possibles restoration for each patient, it is important that the communication between your practice and EP Dental Laboratory is as efficient as possible. To facilitate this process, we have developed the “Online Case Management” system. This system allows your dental practice to accurately schedule new cases by sending automated notifications, view current and past cases, modify new cases, add digital information and photographs, and view all financial transactions. With this “Dentist Gateway” system, we have implemented various protocols for the proper and accurate transfer of information between the dental practice and EP Dental Laboratory.

We have also developed Laboratory Prescriptions with clinical input. This allows for a clear understanding of your restorative needs and conveys it to the Laboratory as clear and concisely as possible.


A Partnership for Success


EP Dental Laboratory works closely with Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center, to stay on the leading edge of dental procedures and materials.  In addition, our close relationship with Esthetic Professionals Distribution Center allows us to have access to the latest technology and materials. 

These unique relationships truly means that Esthetic Professionals is the “Total Dental Solution” for making dentists more successful. 

A Personal Note from the Director

Success in the eyes of our patients is largely dependent upon the end product created by the laboratory. 

Financial success in our practices is dependent upon obtaining indirect restorations that are consistent in quality and require a minimum amount of chair time. 

As a Board Certified Fixed Prosthodontist, it has always been my dream to have a laboratory that will satisfy my own personal practice needs. After years of development, I am finally ready to stake my reputation on EP Dental Laboratory.”

Dr. Bruce J. Crispin

Founder & Director


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