Tiered Pricing and Benefits

Dental practices today need to have the flexibility to use dental laboratories that provide different pricing levels. This often requires using different laboratories. It may also result in using laboratories that ship off shore to keep costs low. EP Dental Laboratory recognizes the need for lower cost options but ethically refuses to out-source out of America.

 The Classic Tier is our time tested product that has been successful for many years. While selective cases require more attention and a higher level of excellence. The new “Premier Tier was created. (Maintaining quality and the traditional EP Dental Laboratory’s standard of service will remain a pillar of our business model)

Classic Tier

(Original Products and Pricing)

EP Dental Laboratory has always strived to provide high quality restorations and service at competitive prices. Our Classic Tier provides the same level of quality and service that we have built our reputation on since 1997.


Products and Services

  • Includes all restorations and services


  • Competitive pricing for this quality level
  • Complimentary EP consultation service, preparation guides
  • 5-20% off* See Lab Rewards & Promotions
  • Receive $10.00 reimbursement for each diagnostic wax-up unit when the case is completed

Premier Tier

(New Highest Quality Option)

The Premier Tier was created for the discriminating dentist that wants exceptional quality and service. It was also designed to provide a high quality option for those special demanding cases. Restorations performed in this tier are done by Premier level master ceramists only.

Products and services

  • Includes all restorations and services


  • Same benefits provided in the Classic tier
  • Highest level of quality and service provided Special model systems used to mimic tissue contours
  • Free in lab patient consultations
  • 3% of payments can be applied to Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center selected programs
  • Receive $15.00 reimbursement for each diagnostic wax-up unit when the case is completed


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