Sending Cases

Dental Practice            (818) 654-7100

Laboratory                   (818) 654-7101

Education Center         (818) 654-7102

Distribution Center       (818) 654-7069


original_inline-sending-casesWe pay for UPS pick up of cases up to a maximum of $10. Outgoing UPS deliveries are billed to the doctor.

original_ups_logoShipping Instructions

  1. Call for shipping labels (818) 654-7101 x 102
  2. Place the label on the top of the box. Make sure that the barcode is placed on a flat surface.
  3. Pick up:
    • Give to a UPS Driver
    • Drop in a UPS drop box
    • If “a” or “b” do not apply, call us so we can arrange for a driver to pick up your case(s). (Need one business day notice for “c”)

Note: UPS Label is one time use only. Every effort will be made to get cases done in time to use the most economical shipping possible.

Scheduling demands both internal and external may require more costly shipping fee.




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Esthetic Professionals, located in Tarzana, California, is a unique dental practice. In addition to offering a comprehensive selection of cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry treatments for the benefit of our patients, we provide fellow dentists with hands-on education and laboratory services. With 30 employees, over 18 faculty members, and a 16,000 square foot facility, we are well-equipped to offer patients and professionals alike unparalleled service and care. Esthetic Professionals serves Los Angeles, California and the surrounding communities.


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