vhf e3 dental milling machine

E3: Processing of Occlusal Appliances

3+1 Axes  |  1 Aligner  | 60 Seconds | 1 Tool

Offers automated aligner trimming, a tool free clamping system, no use of compressed air and the machining of aligners in under 60 seconds.  

The latest E3 technology allows for automated precision trimming of occlusal appliances, promising optimal outcomes in minimal time. The machine’s fabrication guarantees consistently high quality.

The E3 is straightforward to set up and use, seamlessly integrating into your workflows. With our in-house developed TRIMCAM software, the trimline on which the occlusal appliance is milled is automatically identified from the planning data, ensuring a quick start.

Simply put: unpack, connect, and begin milling!


  • The thermoforming sheet can be fixed without tools in seconds
  • Automatic detection of trimlines
  • Machine design focused on reducing weight
  • Modular design for maintenance that is optimized for service

Fast & Precise

  • Robust 800 W spindle operating at 60,000 RPM
  • Durable aluminum build
  • Rapid processing of aligners in less than 60 seconds
  • Efficiently cut out occlusal appliances from various material suppliers
  • TRIM CAM Software with an open interface to planning software


  • 100% developed and manufactured in Germany
  • Optimum manufacturing results and high durability with only premiumquality industrial components
  • 24-month guarantee