vhf milling machine n4+

N4+ The wet milling powerhouse. 

4 Axes  | 0 Discs | 3 Blocks | 8 Tool

Wet machining of both abutments and blocks. Mill 3 blocks at once, and boasts a closed cooling system even with it’s compact size. 

Standing Out with Enhanced Performance:

Introducing the Water-Cooled Spindle.
The new N4+ stands out with its visually appealing and modern design, making it a standout option for any laboratory. Equipped with a water-cooled spindle, it ensures enhanced process stability, delivering top-notch results consistently even during continuous operation.


  • Wet machining
  • Materials Glass ceramics, titanium, zirconia, composites, plastic materials
  • Blocks up to 45 × 20 × 20 mm
  • Indications Crowns, bridges, fully anatomical crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays, abutments, veneers, table tops



Machine bed made of solid cast aluminum body


Sheet steel housing, white high-gloss lacquer finish, with working chamber flap and cooling liquid tank integrated in the drawer

Number of axes 4

Linear axes

Precision ball screws

· motors with resolution < 1 μm

· ground precision guides made of steel

· repetition accuracy
± 0.003 mm

Rotary axis
A-axis Rotary axis with high run-out accuracy · rotation angle: 200°

Control unit 4-axis simultaneous control electronics with continuous path progression and dynamic pre-calculation · hardware-based real-time
operating system with standardized command set ·

FPGA-integrated processor

· updateable hardware

· real-time path calculation viadedicated hardware engines in the FPGA

· four-quadrant control of the motors for particularly smooth running

· multiple analogue and
digital I/Os for controlling the peripherals

· integrated inverter for synchronous and asynchronous motors, electronic gate detection

·Ethernet and USB interface


RGB LED lighting with status display


Camera system

Integrated in the working chamber for easy remote support and possibility of internal recording


  • A spindle equipped with water cooling ensures excellent outcomes, even during continuous use.
  • Eight liquid nozzles provide consistent tool cooling.
  • Achieve high rotational speeds of up to 80,000 rpm with 800 watts of power.
  • Designed with heavy industrial quality standards.
  • Includes a webcam in the working chamber for remote monitoring and servicing.
  • Stable connection through an Ethernet interface.
  • User-friendly operation via DENTAL software.
  • Incorporates DIRECT MILL Technology 


  • PUREWATER No grinding additives required, except for titanium processing
  • Capable of working on up to 3 blocks with a length of 45 mm simultaneously
  • Easily detachable cooling liquid tank
  • Automatic tool changer for 8 tools
  • Ultra HD restorations
  • High-quality spindle with a four-fold ball bearing crafted from hybrid ceramic for superior concentricity
  • Repetition accuracy of 3 μm


  • 100% developed and manufactured in Germany
  • Optimum manufacturing results and high durability with only premium quality industrial components
  • 24-month guarantee
  • There are approximately 40 block materials available from a wide range of manufacturers, showing an increasing trend.
  • More than 1,300 implant platforms for titanium and CoCr pre-fabricated abutments are offered by various manufacturers.
  • Suitable for both labs and in-office use.