Our newest addition...

Here at EP Dental Laboratory we would like to welcome Steven Pimentel, our newest addition to the CAD/CAM department! Steven comes to us with years of experience in the scanning, designing, and milling world. He has been in the Dental Laboratory industry for years, but in the last four years he has dedicated his laboratory training to the CAD/CAM environment. He started out scanning and designing simple cases and has evolved as a technician to designing complex cases. His current knowledge of implant design, bar design, framework design, coupled with the understanding of anatomy and morphology has made him a definite resource here at EP Dental Laboratory. He enjoys the ever-changing environment of technology based dentistry because of the challenge it presents. Steven is constantly striving for success and the perfect restoration, which is why he has quickly become a perfect fit here at EP Dental Laboratory. Our dentists will enjoy this new resource as we welcome this newest asset to our qualified list of technicians here at EP Dental Laboratory.

System experience


D700, D800

Dental wings


Lava Design 7

Lave Form

Amann Girbach

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