original_CESince the late 1980s, this unique residency program has changed the lives of hundreds of dentists.At Esthetic Professionals, it provides the foundation for all of our other residency programs. The primary objective and focus for this program is to educate, expose and train each resident in the vast range of techniques, materials and therapies related to contemporary dentistry. This comprehensive program covers all areas of contemporary esthetic and restorative dentistry.It starts with practice structure, communication and photographic skills, and provides an in-depth education in the full range of esthetic therapies and treatment design. It will expose residents to the latest equipment, materials, techniques, and provide an in-depth hands-on experience and training in all the latest treatment options and modalities.

This residency program was developed to help dentist establish a comfort zone with the techniques and therapies they learn from the program. This is made possible by the comprehensive lectures, hands-on, and clinical sessions that are part of the residency. This in-turn will allow dentist to easily implement the procedures into their practice. This is a great program for the dentist who wants expand their comfort zone and enjoy dentistry as it should be. For more information on the residency and the topics covered within the program follow the link below:

Additional Information on Comprehensive Esthetic Residency