Shining 3D Dental offers integrated digital dental solutions, from 3D lab scanners and intraoral 3D scanners to CAD software and dental 3D printers.

Aoralscan 3 Wireless - Intraoral Scanner

Wireless. Effortless. Limitless.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi 6 technology enables a seamless scan experience with fast and stable data transmission.
  • Boasts up to 2 hours of continuous scanning (battery – wireless)
  • Interchangeable tips (pediatric & adult)


Aoralscan 3 (Wired) - Intraoral Scanner

  • Brand New Design
  • Fast Speed
  • High Accuracy
  • Powerful AI Process
  • Intuitive Communication



  • Handheld mode & Fixed mode
  • Eye-friendly flashless scan thanks to infrared technology
  • Automatic brightness adjustment ensures outstanding face texture
  • Guided operation throughout the scan workflow.
  • Open system to export STL, OBJ and PLY.
  • Elegant and compact, only 800 grams.


Blazing Fast Printing Speed + Open Material System

(Layer thickness: 100μm)

  • Orthodontic models: 14 minutes
  • Surgical guide: 20 minutes
  • Crown & bridge: 11 minutes
  • Implant models: 20 minutes
  • Denture: 70 minutes for vertical printing
  • Splint: 45 minutes for tilted printing (using HyperClear)

AutoScan-DS-EX Pro(H): 3D Dental Scanner

With versatile scan modes and background data-processing, the autoscan brings a new level of efficiency to the 3D Digital Workflow.


  • Scans of impressions
  • Plaster models
  • Articulators
  • Implant abutments, etc. .
  • 5.0 MP high resolution cameras
  • Scan accuracy ≤ 8 μm assures reliable scan result

AccuFab-L4D 3D Printer

  • Large format printing capabilities 
  • Links with Aoralscan & A
  • 70*70mm & 192*120mm printing size and 4K resolution – optimized for chairside
  • Combined ceramic platform and film technology ensures unparelled print accuracy 
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple resin options, 3rd party & Shining 3D’s line

FabCure 2 Post-curing Unit

  • 30 multi-directional LEDs emit powerful UV light that instantly penetrates deep into the surface of the part, completely curing the printed object within a few minutes.
  • Fast-heating; the chamber heats up quickly to 60 degrees
  • Curing volume up to Φ210mm and H180mm supports a wide range of dental appliances.


  • Pre-programmed wash settings encourages automation & efficiency
  • Easy to operate; user-friendly interface means that if you know how. to use a smartphone, you will know how to use the FabWash
  • Instant part release

GM11 Gingiva Mask

TN11 Try In

OD02 Ortho Model

TR01 Custom Tray

DM12 Implant Model

SG01 - Surgical Guide

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