METISMILE Facial scanner

Beyond Smile

Introducing MetiSmile, the pioneering face scanner exclusively designed for dentistry by SHINING 3D. This innovative device swiftly captures facial data to generate 3D models and aids in clinical assessments through its cutting-edge software.


Fast Scan Speed

  • In just 10 seconds, this highly efficient scanner captures patients’ facial images from various angles to create precise 3D facial data simultaneously.

High-fidelity Texture

  • The remarkable texture camera of MetiSmile accurately records and presents realistic facial colors to the patients

    High Accuracy

    • Equipped with three data acquisition cameras and a 5.0 MP HD texture camera, MetiSmile achieves scan accuracy within 50μm, capturing intricate details of the teeth

    Facial Features Measurement and Comparison

    • The intuitive software can identify 3D facial features, measuring the distance between facial data points and comparing facial changes pre and post-treatment. These tools assist dentists in diagnosing and assessing treatments with greater effectiveness.

    Ortho Simulation

    • Key features of the ortho simulation module comprise automatic lip extraction, one-click tooth segmentation, and more. The display of before and after orthodontic treatment is made smarter with the integration of facial scan data.

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