Mentorship Programs

Join our Comprehensive Esthetic and Restorative Mentorship programs.

Comprehensive Esthetic and Restorative Mentorship

Comprehensive Stair Step Approach” curriculum will focus on creating a “Progressive Educational Mentorship”.  The ultimate goal of the new curriculum will be to give dentists and their team the knowledge and experience to build practices that are rewarding both financially and personally.

Starts: October 2-3, 2020    Register | Inquire Details

Advanced Fixed Prosthodontics Mentorship

The primary goal of this mentorship program is to show every dentist how to be successful in diagnosing, staging, and completing the comprehensive restorative cases that every practice contains. Is it time you stop neglecting lucrative complex cases because of a lack of knowledge or because you did not know how to plan treatment stages the average patient can afford?

Starts: January 8-9, 2021  |  Register | Inquire Details

Mastering Indirect Esthetic Restorations Mentorship

The purpose of the “Mastering Indirect Restorative Mentorship” is to provide a comprehensive curriculum that focuses exclusively on indirect restorative procedures, materials, and techniques.  All indirect esthetic restorative procedures will be presented in detail for the beginner as well as advanced clinicians. Periodontal procedures that enhance restorative dentistry will be covered as well as implant diagnosis, placement, and restorations.

Starts: January 16, 2021    Register | Inquire | Details

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