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Type:  Lecture | Hands-on | Clinic | Team Programs | Webinars

Starts October 2-3, 2020  

Mentorship Program Details

Credits: 42-155 CE


Starting in 2018, the EP Comprehensive Esthetic and Restorative Mentorship Curriculum is being totally reorganized. The new “Comprehensive Stair Step Approach” curriculum will focus on creating a “Progressive Educational Mentorship”.  The ultimate goal of the new curriculum will be to give dentists and their team the knowledge and experience to build practices that are rewarding both financially and personally


Free Introductory Course – September 11th

Step 1 Dates: October 2nd-3rd, November 6th-7th 2020

Step 2 Dates: January 15th-16th, February 19th – 20th, March 19th-20th 2021

Step 3 Dates: April 23rd – 24th, May 7th-8th (clinic), May 21st-22nd (clinic) 2021


This new “Comprehensive Esthetic and Restorative Mentorship” has been designed to provide a more time efficient way to complete a comprehensive state of the art practice building experience curriculum. The time spent at EP will focus on hands-on and team building programs.  Webinar technology will be used to present topics in a lecture format.  The ultimate goal is to reduce travel time and expenses and allow for a more flexible and comprehensive educational experience.


This new EP curriculum will continue to focus on limited attendance hands-on and clinical programs but has been totally re-organized to provide a more efficient approach to dental education. The new EP curriculum has been segmented to create more education options and content.  This “Comprehensive Esthetic and Restorative Mentorship” will provide a logical and comprehensive “Step by Step” approach to attaining an optimal dental education in a time efficient way.

“An individual course which displays the AACD Recommended Private Education Course logo has a curriculum recommended by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. It may prove helpful in gaining the knowledge necessary for the Academy’s Accreditation credential. Successful completion of this course does not guarantee Accreditation. Additional information about the Accreditation credentialing process is available by contacting the AACD at 800-543-9220 or”

Stair Step One: “Building a Solid Practice Foundation” View Now

“EP Stair Step One” is a series of lectures, webinars, and hands-on exercises that will provide the foundation for more advanced hands-on and clinical programs.

Stair Step Two: “Taking Skills to the Next Level” View Now

“EP Stair Step Two” is the next step in the “Comprehensive Esthetic and Restorative Mentorship”.  In this series, advanced direct procedures as well as the full spectrum of indirect procedures and related materials will be covered. In addition, complimenting periodontal and implant procedures will be covered.

Stair Step Three: “Advanced Restorative and Clinical Experience” View Now

“EP Stair Step three” is the next logical step forward in the “Comprehensive Esthetic and Restorative Mentorship” that provides additional didactic programs and the advanced clinical experience necessary to gain the ultimate “comfort zone”  necessary to apply what has been taught in the previous sections.  Cases should be selected that expand participants experience level.


All EP Online Learning Programs Included with Tuition

  • Stair Step One – 42 units – $2940
  • Stair Step Two – 63 units – $4410
  • Stair Step Tree- 50 units – $3500 (Prerequisite Stair Step Two).
  • Step Two and Three – 113 units – $6900

**See Incentives Section

Included With Tuition



A notebook, syllabus, all expendable materials, models, and clinical equipment will be supplied. Certain materials are required and must be supplied or purchased by participant. Special discounts will be offered on these essential restorative dentistry materials direct from manufacturer.

  • Enroll in Steps One & Two (Save $1500)
  • Enroll in Steps One, Two & Three (Save $2500)
  • Enroll in Steps Two & Three (Save $1010)
  • Group Discounts (10%-25%)
  • 0% Financing Options
  • All EP Online Learning Webinars included with Tuition
  • EP Elite Membership Inluded with Tuition

Esthetic Professionals is designated as an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education programs of this program provider are accepted by AGD for Fellowship, Mastership, and membership maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. ID# 218987

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Meet Our Faculty

The Faculty at Esthetic Professionals is truly a world class group of educators.  They are highly regarded in dental education as the leaders in progressive, cutting edge education.  Many of our faculty have taught at major universities, lectured nationally and internationally, while maintaining private practices. This practical experience allows them to provide true hands-on, clinical expertise in today's dental environment.  Each of our faculty takes pride in working with every student and making them the best dentist they can be.