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Type:  Lecture | Hands-on | Clinic | Team Programs | Webinars

Starts October 5-7 th, 2023

Mentorship Program Details

Credits: 130 CE


This Esthetic Mentorship provides a comprehensive foundation in all areas of esthetic dentistry.
(See Topics Section Below)

Esthetic Professionals (EP) Dental Education Center is responding to practicing dentists that want comprehensive hands-on and clinical education presented in a more time efficient format. Starting October 2021, the Comprehensive Esthetic and Restorative Mentorship will have a 4 + 1 format. Instead of 8 monthly 2 day sessions, we are now having 4, 3 day sessions with 1 additional day. In addition: residents will view 5 webinars, have full access to all of EP’s online education programs and free “EP Elite membership” that includes lab discounts.

The ultimate goal of the new curriculum will be to give dentists and their team the knowledge and experience necessary to build practices that are rewarding both financially and personally.

All AACD accreditation topics are covered. Our alumni consists of almost 5-10% of all accredited members, several fellows, and 3 past and future presidents.

Dr. Bruce Crispin DDS, MS
Program Director

Dr. Kristi Crispin DMD
Associate Director

Dr. James Peyton
Direct Bonding Series

Dr. Bernie Villadiego
Photography Team Workshop

Scott Stewart

Dr. Edmond Hewlett

Chad Crispin


2022 – 2023 Academic Year

Session 3 Dates: February 2nd-4th, 2023

Session 4 Dates: April 13th-15th, 2023

Final Clinic Date: April 28th, 2023


2023-2024 Academic Year

Session 1 Date: October 5th-7th, 2023

Session 2 Dates: TBD


This new “Comprehensive Esthetic and Restorative Mentorship” has been designed to provide a more time efficient way to complete a comprehensive state of the art practice building experience curriculum. The time spent at EP will focus on hands-on and team building programs.  Webinar technology will be used to present topics in a lecture format.  The ultimate goal is to reduce travel time and expenses and allow for a more flexible and comprehensive educational experience.


The new format starting in 2021 will be 4, 3 day sessions; with one additional clinic day. 

Session One: “Building a Solid Practice Foundation” 

Day 1: 

  • “Course Introduction & Overview (class photos)
  • “Comprehensive Diagnosis & Treatment Planning”
  • “Getting Patients to Say YES” (Lecture/Demo)
  • “Articulation: Facebow, Interocclusal Registration, Digital Impressions” (Demo/hands-on) for use on Friday
    (Dr. Bruce Crispin)

Day 2: 

    • “Comprehensive Esthetic Analysis & Techniques for Smile Design” (Lecture/Hands-on)
    • “Practical Occlusal Concepts for Success: Avoiding Failures” (Lecture/Hands-on)”
    • “Quick Splint: Why and When?” (Lecture/Hands-on)”
    • (Drs. Kristi and Bruce Crispin)

      Day 3: 

      • Digital Photography and Imaging Workshop: Intra-oral and Portrait Photography” (Team Program) (Lecture/Hands-on) “
      • (Dr. Bernie Villadiego)

          Homework: Webinar #2A, 2B “Adhesion and Materials Update: What to Use When, How and Way: Bonding agents, Bases, Liners, Cements, Bioactive Materials” (5.5 CEU) (Dr. Hewlett and Guests)

          Session Two: “Direct Restorative Procedures”

          Day 4: 

          • “Mastering Contour, the Key to Direct Bonding Excellence” (Lecture/Hands-on)
          • “Direct Bonding I: Class IV and Diastema Closure” (Lecture/Demo/Hands-on)
          • (Drs. Jim Peyton and Bruce Crispin)

              Day 5: 

              • “Direct Bonding II: The Direct Veneer (Lecture/Demo/Hands-on)
              • (Dr. Jim Peyton)


                • “Posterior Composite Update:2021” (Lecture)
                • (Dr. Bruce Crispin)

                  Direct Composite Restoration(s) (Bring patient)

                    Homework: Webinar #3 “Contemporary Ceramic Materials and Applications” (2.5 CEU)

                    Session Three: “Indirect Restoration I”

                    Day 7: 

                  • “Minimally Invasive Posterior Indirect Restorative Options: Inlays, Onlays, Bridges, Materials, Provisionals” (Lecture/Hands-on)
                  • “Direct/Indirect Option for Large Composites” (Lecture/Demo/Hands-on)
                  • Staining Ceramic Restorations” (Demo/Hands-on)
                    (Dr. Bruce Crispin)

                      Day 8: 

                      • Clinical Day 2: One Appointment Posterior Indirect Restorations (Bring Patient)
                      • (Dr. Bruce Crispin)


                      • “Anterior Crowns, Minimally Invasive Bridges and Implant Abutment Options and Provisional (Lecture/Hands-on)
                        • Homework: Webinar #4 “Ceramic Veneers Part I: Indications, Diagnostic Work-up, Treatment planning, Patient Consultation, Basic Preparations” (2 CEU) Prerequisite for Day 10

                          Session Four: “Indirect Restoration II”

                          Day 10: 

                          • “Ceramic Veneers Workshop A-Z”
                          • “Preparations, Simple to Complex”
                          • “Preparing mal-positioned Teeth” (Lecture/Hands-on)(Dr. Bruce Crispin)

                              Day 11: 

                              • “Veneer Provisionals Simplified”
                              • “Veneer and Tooth Color Control”
                              • “Matching Veneers and Crowns: Opacity and Color”
                              • Cementation Materials and Technique Options
                              • “Lab Communication for Success” (Lecture/Hands-on)
                              • (Dr. Bruce Crispin)

                                  Day 12: 

                                  • Clinical Day 3: Veneer Preparation, Impressions, Provisionals and lab Communication (Bring Patient)
                                    • Homework: Webinar #5 “Periodontics Part I: Procedures that make Restorative Easier” (1.5 CEU) (Dr. Bruce Crispin)

                                      Session Five: I

                                      Day 13: 

                                      • Clinical Day 3: “Veneer Try in and Delivery”
                                        • Homework: Webinar #1 “Solving Difficult Esthetic and Restorative Challe” (4.5 CEU) (Dr. Bruce Crispin)

                                            All EP Online Learning Programs Included with Tuition

                                          TUITION & FINANCING OPTIONS
                                          • Tuition : $13,900

                                          **See Incentives Section

                                          Included With Tuition

                                          • All EP Online Learning Webinars included with Tuition
                                          • EP Elite Membership Inluded with Tuition
                                          • Equipment and materials kit ($1,700 value)
                                          • Full access to EP on-line courses ($3000 value)
                                          • 10% EP Lab discount for 2 years (value unlimited)
                                          • Breakfast and lunch daily
                                          • Free parking
                                          • Discounts on EP equipment and technology sales
                                          • Unlimited case consultations
                                          • Memory stick with all lecture materials
                                          • Storage locker 
                                          • $1000 off tuition – early registration (40 days prior to start of course)
                                          • 0% financing
                                          • Group discounts
                                          • Advanced Esthetic Restorative and Occlusion Mentorship alumni
                                            discount: $500
                                          • All EP Online Learning Webinars included with Tuition
                                          • EP Elite Membership Inluded with Tuition
                                          REQUIRED MATERIALS

                                          A notebook, syllabus, all expendable materials, models, and clinical equipment will be supplied. Certain materials are required and must be supplied or purchased by participant. Special discounts will be offered on these essential restorative dentistry materials direct from manufacturer.

                                          APPROVED PACE PROGRAM

                                          Esthetic Professionals is designated as an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education programs of this program provider are accepted by AGD for Fellowship, Mastership, and membership maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. ID# 218987


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