Esthetic and Adhesive Restorative Materials

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Esthetic and Adhesive Restorative Materials: The Foundation for Contemporary Esthetic Restorations

Type: Lecture
Course Duration: October 8, 2011
Credits: 8CE AGD Credits
Instructed by: Dr. Edmond R. Hewlett


Selecting the “right” esthetic restorative material for a given task can be a complicated decision. Many factors must be considered. Included in this decision making process must be a sound working knowledge of each materials physical properties, handling characteristics, recommended applications, clinical success, and techniques for their use. The purpose of this one day lecture program is to update attendees on a broad spectrum of esthetic restorative materials and provide information that will assist in the complex decision making process of “what to use”. Get the latest information on bonding agents, bases, cements, composites, and conservative remineralization techniques.


  1. Adhesion to enamel
  2. Adhesion to dentin
  3. Keys to optimal bonding
  4. Variables affecting bonding
  5. Types of adhesives
  6. Multiple vs. single component adhesives
  7. Self-etching adhesives
  8. Composite resin
  9. Conventional, microfills, hybrids, flowables, packables, nanohybrids
  10. Indirect composite
  11. Composite resin cements (light-cure, dual-cure, self-cure, self etching)
  12. Glass ionomer cements
  13. Resin modifies glass ionomers
  14. Compomers
  15. Fluoride-containing resins
  16. Resin modified glass ionomer luting cements
  17. High strength GI materials
  18. Materials differences vs. “bells & whistles”


max_width_extra_small (4)Dr. Edmond R. Hewlett, is a native of Los Angeles, California. He attended UCLA from 1972 to 1976 as an undergraduate majoring in Biology, and in 1980 received his D.D.S. degree from the UCLA School of Dentistry. He then completed a 1-year general practice residency program at the University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago. Returning to Los Angeles, Dr. Hewlett joined the UCLA School of Dentistry faculty in 1982 as a lecturer (part-time). In 1987, Dr. Hewlett was appointed to the full-time academic faculty as an Assistant Professor in the Section of Operative Dentistry, and promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 1994. Dr. Hewlett is a past Division Chair of Restorative Dentistry at UCLA, and currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Division. In June, 2003, Dr. Hewlett completed postgraduate training in Prosthodontics at UCLA and was awarded a certificate in this dental specialty.

Chief among Dr. Hewlett’s teaching responsibilities is the predoctoral curriculum in Esthetic Dentistry at UCLA. His other teaching activities have included preclinical and clinical instruction in all aspects of restorative dentistry and postdoctoral seminars on adhesive restorative materials and dental photography. He has been honored for his teaching efforts with awards from several graduating classes, including the Instructor of the Year award from the Classes of 2000 and 2004. Dr. Hewlett’s teaching has additionally been recognized with the 2004 National Dental Association/Colgate-Palmolive Faculty Recognition Award and an award from the UCLA Chapter of Alpha Omega dental fraternity.


$295.00 for Dentist. Additional dentist 25% discount

$250.00 for Non-dentist staff. 25% discount for staff attending with dentist

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October 8, 2011 – 8 CE and AGD Credits

“An individual course which displays the AACD Recommended Private Education Course logo has a curriculum recommended by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. It may prove helpful in gaining knowledge necessary for the Academy’s Accreditation credential. Successful completion of this course does not guarantee Accreditation. Additional information about the Accreditation credentialing process is available by contacting the AACD at 800-543-9220 or”


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