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Nekspine was created by Composite Manufacturing Inc. with the vision of helping healthcare clinicians improve their health and posture. Nekspine is here to help clinicians reduce their cervical stress, and provide additional support to their bodies in surgical procedures. 

All Nekspine  products purchased through EP Distribution are shipped directly from manufacturer. Prices and promotions on this page are exclusively offered through Esthetic Professionals. 

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“Passionate about Posture”

For Surgeons & Dentists…

Nekspine recognizes the distinct challenges that dentists encounter. The complexity and precision involved in dental treatments necessitate focus and comfort. Nekspine’s tailored spinal support system reduces pressure on the cervical and lumbar spine areas, enabling dentists to carry out intricate procedures effortlessly.

Meet Nekspine

In 2023, we started carrying the cutting-edge technology of NekSpine. NekSpine was specifically designed to meet the needs of health professionals. Health professionals like Dentist’s will experience relief from musculoskeletal pain and stress caused by repetitive and awkward positions during surgical and dental procedures with NekSpine™.

NekSpine Update

Here at Esthetic Professionals, we are huge supporters of our friends at NekSpine. NekSpine is “Passionate About Posture ” and dedicated to helping those who help others– dentists and surgeons.

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