Distribution Partner: Meet Nekspine, they’re “Passionate about Posture”

by | Jan 19, 2024 | Blog, EP Distribution, News

Distribution Partner: Meet Nekspine, they’re “Passionate about Posture”

by | Jan 19, 2024 | Blog, EP Distribution, News | 0 comments

In 2023, we started carrying the cutting-edge technology of NekSpine. NekSpine was specifically designed to meet the needs of health professionals. Health professionals like Dentist’s will experience relief from musculoskeletal pain and stress caused by repetitive and awkward positions during surgical and dental procedures with NekSpine™.

NekSpine’s team of skilled biomedical engineers have dedicated years to researching and developing this spinal support system. It is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily workflow, providing whole spine prophylactic care.

Say hello to a healthier, more comfortable you with NekSpine.

How It Works…


The vest is made from a lightweight, durable material commonly used in military applications. It is laser-cut and optimized for weight, support, padding, and fit. The posture-correcting lumbar support system provides stability and compression, ideal for active positions required by surgical and dental procedures. The padded shoulders and waist allow the vest to facilitate the transfer of load from the cervical spine with comfort.


The support beam built into NekSpine’s ergonomic vest is made of carbon fiber I-beam structure and is specifically designed to counterbalance the weight of the head. This beam is integrated into the vest and provides structural support along the cervical, thoracic, and lumber regions of the spine. The combination of the beam and the vest design allows for the transfer of the head’s load to the hips, while the I-beam composite structure provides a high stiffness-to-weight ratio. With a 3X strength factor and only 20% of the weight of steel, NekSpine’s biologically engineered device offers both comfort and effectiveness.


The NekSpine Head Frame is made of lightweight and sturdy carbon fiber, which connects the user’s head to the spine beam using a titanium wire. It can be adjusted to fit the user’s head and allows for unrestricted head turning. The frame has color-coded tension adjustment knobs on each side to counterbalance the head forward load. It also offers the option to integrate the Quasar Premium Headlight System or other headlamp brands.

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