NekSpine Update

by | Apr 18, 2024 | Blog, EP Distribution

NekSpine Update

by | Apr 18, 2024 | Blog, EP Distribution | 0 comments

Here at Esthetic Professionals, we are huge supporters of our friends at NekSpine. NekSpine is “Passionate About Posture ” and dedicated to helping those who help others– dentists and surgeons.

Meet Nekspine

NekSpine was custom-made to cater to the requirements of healthcare providers. Dentists and other health professionals can find relief from musculoskeletal pain and stress resulting from repetitive and uncomfortable positions during dental and surgical procedures with NekSpine™.

The team at NekSpine, consisting of proficient biomedical engineers, has devoted years to researching and creating this spinal support system. It is crafted to smoothly blend into your everyday routine, offering comprehensive spine care.

We originally introduced NekSpine as a partner back in 2023, you can read our partner announcement here.

NekSpine is Gaining Followers & Users Nationwide!


What is NekSpine?


  • Crafted from a lightweight, durable material commonly found in military gear.
  • Laser-cut for optimal weight, support, padding, and fit.
  • Includes a posture-correcting lumbar support system for stability during active tasks like surgical and dental procedures.
  • Features padded shoulders and waist to ease load transfer from the cervical spine comfortably.


  • Utilizes a carbon fiber I-beam structure to counterbalance head weight.
  • Integrated into NekSpine’s vest to offer support across the spine’s regions.
  • Transfers head load to hips efficiently with a high stiffness-to-weight ratio.
  • Provides 3X strength compared to steel while being only 20% of its weight.


  • Constructed from lightweight carbon fiber, linking the head to the spine beam via a titanium wire.
  • Adjustable to fit the user’s head and allows unrestricted head movement.
  • Equipped with color-coded tension knobs for balancing head load.
  • Offers compatibility with Quasar Premium Headlight System and other headlamp brands.

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