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Ceramill Motion 2 Product Details

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Ceramill Motion 2 4x
Ceramill Motion 2 4x
Ceramill Motion 2 4x

Ceramill Motion 2

Intelligent 4-Axis & 5-Axis Processing|SKU: 179300/S (4-Axis), 179250/S (5-Axis)

Product Description

Ceramill Motion 2 4-Axis

The 4-axis entry-level model to digital fabrication of dental restorations - versatile and future-proof

The Motion 2 machine concept has been successfully on the market since 2012. The Ceramill Motion 2 entry-level version combines the processing modes milling (wet/dry) and grinding (wet) in a compact machine and so also belongs to the second generation of Ceramill Motion milling machines. Equipped with the same technically high-quality, precise and high-performance components as its big sister - the Ceramill Motion 2 (5X).

  • 4-axis in-house production champion
  • Diverse materials can be machined due to the choice of wet/dry machining (zirconia, CoCr, resin, wax, glass-ceramic, lithium disilicate etc.)
  • Material-appropriate processing of a wide range of materials by milling or grinding
  • Rapid "speed boost" milling strategy for high productivity</div>
  • Entry-level machine in the digital fabrication of dental restorations</div>
  • Modularly expandable for the grinding technique using a special glass-ceramic blank holder
  • Extensive range of indications: inlays/onlays, crown and bridge frameworks, crowns and bridges anatomically reduced and fully anatomical, telescope crowns, custom abutments

Ceramill Motion 2 5-Axis

5-axis wet and dry processing with full value creation and range of indications

5-axis wet and dry processing in one machine – the Ceramill Motion 2 enables laboratories to keep the value creation chain of the digital prosthetic and framework fabrication almost fully inhouse in the laboratory. The modularly upgradable desktop system combines 5-axis milling technology (wet/dry) with the wet-grinding technology in a compact machine for an unlimited material and indication diversity. It can be used not only as a purely dry or wet system but also enables operation in the combination version (wet/dry). In the combination mode operation can be easily changed between milling and grinding mode.

  • Material-appropriate processing for each material
  • Compact design for minimum space requirements
  • Modular and upgradable with other material blank holders (e.g. for processing glass ceramic)
  • ”Speed boost” milling strategies for high productivity
  • Tool holder with automatic tool changer
  • Low maintenance, very precise and extremely robust Jäger spindle
  • Highly efficient blow-out function and tool cooling provided by integrated air nozzles on the spindle as well as a coolant unit in wet operation
  • Automatic tool length measurement and broken tool detection
  • Also ideal for practice laboratories (grinding technique inlays, onlays, etc)
  • Can be used with open CAD/CAM systems (3Shape®, Dental Wings®) (after verification using the Ceramill Upload Tool)
  • Future-proof machine concept for new indications (e.g. models, full-denture prosthetics, splints...)

Technical Data

Dimensions D/W/H: 588 x 516 x 755 mm
Weight: 75 kg(4-Axis), 78 kg (5-Axis)
Electrical connected value: 100-230V 50/60 Hz
Electrical fuse: T3,15A / T6,3A
Power output: 250 W
Motor speed: 60000 rpm
Compressed air: 6 bar / 50 L/min.
Suction: prepared
Wet processing; prepared
Torque: 4 Ncm
Chuck diameter: 3 mm
Noise level: 60 dbA
Accuracy: <10 µm
Number of axes: 4(4-Axis), 5(5-Axis)

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