Whether you have never used us as a dental lab or always send your cases to us, we want to hear from you! For just one minute of your time, we will send you a $75.00 value lab voucher. All you need to do to qualify is take our lab survey and fill out the appropriate sections.

Note from our Founder, Dr. Bruce J. Crispin:

My name is Bruce J. Crispin, and I am the owner of Esthetic Professionals Dental Laboratory (EP Lab) in Tarzana California and I’m looking for one minute of your time. Whether you have never used EP Lab in the past, have used us but stopped, currently use us for limited cases, or use us extensively, your opinions matter.

Dr. Bruce J. Crispin

Meet Esthetic Professionals Dental Laboratory

We know that you have numerous labs to choose from through the United States, but here at Esthetic Professionals Dental Laboratory, our difference is we are a lab created by Dentists, for Dentists. We offer a wide range of services including but not limited to prosthodontics, implant restorations, diagnostics, case consultations and tray orthodontics.