Spring Offers – Save on DEXIS 3800 & Carestream 2400

by | Apr 16, 2024 | EP Distribution

Spring Offers – Save on DEXIS 3800 & Carestream 2400

by | Apr 16, 2024 | EP Distribution | 0 comments

Spring into these savings from our Distribution Center!

For a limited time, we’re offering Spring discounts on our DEXIS 3800 intraoral scanner and our Carestream 2400 Generator (handheld x-ray). Don’t miss out on these incredible savings!

Meet the DEXIS 3800 Intraoral Scanner

We are a huge fan of the DEXIS 3800 scanner, you can read about all of our praises here. Just for a refresher, we said:

Really, we think it’s one of the best intraoral scanners on the market, don’t miss out on this live IS demo…

The DEXIS 3800 will transform your practice. Seriously, with continuous scanning for up to an hour, the scanner is designed for maximum efficiency. It’s also equipped with a smart charging station, a backup power cable, and optional extra batteries and charging unit to ensure it’s always ready to go.

Here at Esthetic Professionals Distribution Center, we’re proud to offer this phenomenal scanner.

LIVE Demo of DEXIS 3800: Wireless Scanner, EP Distribution – October 17th, 2023

Right now, we’re holding a sale. So, don’t miss out on these savings, and get in touch ASAP! We have both the wireless and wired options available.

Carestream 2400 Generator

Are you looking for the *perfect* handheld x-ray solution? Well, we’ve got you covered. Meet Carestream CS 2400 Generator. This handheld gem of an x-ray is ready to make your life easier and your dental practice more efficient.

A powerful and portable high-frequency x-ray generator.

  • Battery-free makes it easy to use; discharge and use in 3 minutes time
  • Can take multiple shots/images before needing to be recharged
  • Image quality is never sacrificed, even with it’s portable size.
  • The generator’s exposure parameters are
  • similar to those of a conventional generator (70 KV; 3,5 mA)



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