As we gear up for our Esthetic Focused Periodontal Surgery Workshop we would like to provide a preview of some of the topics to be covered in the program. Dr. Ziv Simon has blessed us with a couple of videos from his YouTube channel, Surgical Master, which touch upon a few of the many topics to be covered on his hands-on workshop taking place at Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center on February 6-7, 2015.

This video is in response to an e-mail sent to Dr. Ziv Simon by a dentist from Yemen. She asks about the free gingival graft and how to use it on lower incisor teeth. The video shows just that and explains the exact technique Dr. Simon is using and giving you some tips and tricks. Good Luck!

In the second video below, Dr. Ziv Simon talks about the second law of suturing (in previous videos he talked about law #1). He also shows you how the continuous suture works in 2 variations and also their disadvantages. By learning how to suture properly, your surgical outcomes will be great! Hang in there, keep learning, trying, practicing and stay in the game!

We hope you enjoy these video and find them of high value. The weekend program it set to start this Friday February 6, 2015. If you would like more information on the course you can contact our Dental Education Department by calling (818) 654-7102.