Prodogy® , Sculpture Plus®

Strength, Color Stability, Composite for invisible Restorations

EP Dental Laboratory has selected two of the most popular and indirect composites with the longest history of success. Indirect composite restorations can be esthetic as any ceramic restoration and are used as an alternative to ceramic when a more “user friendly” material is desired. They can be used in circumstances where ceramic would be difficult like thin beveled margins, a narrow occlusal isthmus.



  • Minimal wear to opposing natural teeth
  • Very esthetic
  • User friendly material
  • Long term luster
  • Excellent margin adaptation
  • High felxural strength
  • Easy polishability
  • Improved bond strength
  • Natural characteristics and esthetics


  • Inlays/Onlays
  • Full-coverage browns
  • Inlay bridges (metal substructures)
  • Long span implant prosthesis
  • Lingual anterior veneers to open VD
  • Long term provisional intermediate restorations (Radica®) (composite over metal)


  • Dentin/Enamel adhesive resin bonding systems

Interim Crowns




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