Beautiful Strength

Zirconia’s greatest advantage lies in its strength and resistance to the repetitive loading in the oral cavity. Its unique mechnical properties make it an outstanding restorative choice when maximum strength is a must and optimum esthetics is also desired. It is the perfect blend between beauty and strength. Today’s Zirconia CAD/CAM systems offer a wide range of stains and glazes, and effects that make it possible for EP Dental Laboratory’s skilled ceramist to produce almost any visual effect.

Zirconia with Layered Porcelain

Natural Optical Characteristics

The ability to select a “tooth-colored” material for full coverage posterior restorations is relatively new to Dentistry. Zirconia’s introduction allows clinicians, for the first time, to choose a material other than metals without imposing limitations that restrict viable design. Aside from its strength and the ability to resist cyclic loading, Zirconia is also the first esthetic restorative material strong enough to be used for special situations such as multi-unit bridges, double abutments, cantilever pontics, implants and many others.



  • Strength, proven esthetics, accuracy and fit
  • Anterior and posterior bridge spans up to 47mm
  • NO metal necessary in high funchtion areas
  • Proven track record


  • Full-coverage crown and bridge restorations
  • For a maximum bridge span of 47mm
  • Implan custom abutments


  • Traditional cementation or adhesive bonding

Zirconia Full Contour

Natural Integration

Dentists are continually searching for materials that will confidently satisfy the
requirements of a long-lasting and natural-looking restoration. EP Dental Zirconia
fulfills these goals at an affordable price. Introducing the Full Zirconia Crown from EP
Dental Laboratory — the first zirconium dioxide restoration created to satisfy you and
your patients. Discover a new level of performance, aesthetics and economy for your
patients. Discover EP Dental Zirconia!




  • Exceptional strength and chip-resistant
  • Natural appearance
  • Ultra-precise margins
  • Ideal for bruxers & Grinders
  • Conservative preparation
  • Ease of cementation


  • Posterior crowns


  • Traditional cementation or adhesive bonding


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