LIVE Demo of DEXIS 3800: Wireless Scanner

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Blog, EP Distribution, Events

LIVE Demo of DEXIS 3800: Wireless Scanner

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Blog, EP Distribution, Events | 0 comments

The Power of DEXIS 3800 - Intraoral Scanner - Live Demo - Scanner Webinar

This Intraoral Wireless Scanner DEXIS 3800W is the ultimate tool to capture your patient’s mouth in stunning detail, all while giving you the freedom to move around. Boasting interchangeable tips, gesture motion control, and point-to-point wifi connectivity, this intraoral wireless scanner is in our opinion, the best on the market for dentist’s looking to integrate their practice with the digital workflow.

A wireless intraoral scanner with a high-performance experience, the IS 3800W is freedom at your fingertips…

Scratching your head and wondering what all the fuss is about?

Join us October 20th at 8am PT/9am MT for our 3800W webinar with DEXIS specialist, Veronica Blea and our Chief Technology Officer, Chad Crispin. In this 1 hour digital event, Veronica will provide an in-depth look at the power of wireless and perform a live intraoral scanner demo of the DEXIS 3800W in action.

Really, we think it’s one of the best intraoral scanners on the market, don’t miss out on this live IS demo…

The DEXIS 3800 will transform your practice. Seriously, with continuous scanning for up to an hour, the scanner is designed for maximum efficiency. It’s also equipped with a smart charging station, a backup power cable, and optional extra batteries and charging unit to ensure it’s always ready to go.

Here at Esthetic Professionals Distribution Center, we’re proud to offer this phenomenal scanner.

Meet your hosts…

About Veronica Blea
Veronica Blea has been in the dental field since 2008
where she worked as an expanded duties dental assistant and treatment coordinator. She did most of her training in a general practice and specialized in cosmetic dentistry before joining Dexis Imaging in 2019. As a Certified Trainer, Veronica enjoys helping Dexis clients make the most of their Dexis IOS and implementing them into their practices!

About Chad Crispin
Chad Crispin has been a lifelong supporter of the dental industry, thanks to his family’s legacy with Esthetic Professionals. He officially joined the field in 2012 and is now the Chief Technology Officer at EP Distribution. Chad’s expertise lies in the digital workflow, business development, sales, and marketing. His primary focus is on dental distribution and dental education



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