Recorded Webinar with LuxCreo: Directly 3d Printed Clear Aligners vs. Thermoformed

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Blog, EP Distribution

Recorded Webinar with LuxCreo: Directly 3d Printed Clear Aligners vs. Thermoformed

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Blog, EP Distribution | 0 comments

Meet LuxCreo

Here at Esthetic Professionals, we love LuxCreo’s 3D printing technology. Why? Well, LuxCreo created the first 3D printer in the country to print direct clear aligners. This new dental company was founded in 2017, and since has strived to simplify digital dentistry dentistry.

In comparison to other printers on the market, LuxCreo’s iPro Dental line is the ultimate platform for direct print clear appliances. With the power of LuxCreo’s iPro Dental printers, you too can print same-day clear aligners in your practice.

“LuxCreo launches LuxAlign®: First FDA-class II, 510 (k) cleared, direct print clear aligner end- to-end workflow, with integrated product and service solution for same-day aligners.”


Now about the webinar…

The original webinar was hosted and recorded on October 6th, 2023. Led by Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder of LuxCreo, Michael Strohecker.

This deep-dive webinar includes:

-Business & performance insights

-Insight into recent innovations in clear appliances using 3D printing technology and an overview of LuxCreo’s new product —the first FDA-cleared direct 3D print aligner.

-Explains how directly printed clear aligners compare to thermoformed aligners in terms of efficacy, movement forces, and accuracy

-Breakdown of equipment, space, and cost when compared to the traditional thermoforming solutions

Exclusive promotions for EOY can be applied to LuxCreo if purchased through Esthetic Professionals.

Right now we have a 3D printer bundle for LuxCreo’s iPro dental line. This line will enable any dentist or orthodontist print clear appliances same day in their practice, including clear aligners.

Luxcreo's dental line

Our Simple as 1-2-3D Printer Bundle includes…

Lux Pro Dental offers accurate, same-day clear aligners onsite. Reduce labor, overhead, and lead time compared to traditional thermoforming. Discover high-throughput chair side 3D printing.

iLuxWash Dental enhances the ultrasonic cleaning process by adding a magnetic-driven impeller stirring function. This rapidly agitates the cleaning solution during ultrasonic cleaning while also featuring a heating function, making it more effective in removing residual resin from printed parts.

iLuxCure Pro offers best user experience and convenience by providing unique upward and downward high intensity lighting, heating function and 360° curing coverage. It is ideal for dental and medical, industrial and R&D applications.

3D printed clear aligner bundle - simple as 1-2-3D Printing Bundle


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