Estheitc Professionals dental Education Center (EP) in Tarzana California was established by Bruce J. Crispin DDS, MS for the sole purpose of making dentists better dentists.  No matter what level you may be on in your educational journey, EP will take you to the next level of knowledge, skill and comfort zone.


With the purchase of any class or webinar, you are automatically enrolled in our Ep Elite Limited Membership. This free membership is only good for 2 months. Annual membership required after 2 months.

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Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center strives to provide unparalleled hands-on and clinical education in all areas of destistry. Selecting the right educational facility can be a difficult decision. Don’t simply take our word for it; listen to what our alumni have to say..

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Creating your “dream practice” may seem impossible. Transforming from a high volume, low fee insurance driven practice is desirable. Change can seem overwhelming. Hands-on education is the key to practice transformation. By elevating your reputation above your peers, you will attract patients that realize insurance stifles optimal treatment and they are willing to pay extra.

Practice transformations are difficult and require introducing new techniques and acquiring a “Confidence Level” for application. Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center’s hands-on programs are the solution you have been looking for.

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