AccuFab-CEL 3D Printer

AccuFab-CEL printer features:

  • New mainboard and high-performance light panel for faster printing
  • “Collimated Programmable Lithography” technology for improved accuracy
  • Ceramic platform options for safety and print quality
  • Continuous monitoring of cabin temperature and humidity
  • Heating function to ensure accuracy and stability during printing

Higher. Faster. Easier.

Printing Speed that’s Faster than a Blaze (Layer thickness: 100μm)

  • Orthodontic models: 14 minutes
  • Surgical guide: 20 minutes
  • Crown & bridge: 11 minutes
  • Implant models: 20 minutes
  • Denture: 70 minutes for vertical printing
  • Splint: 45 minutes for tilted printing (using HyperClear)

Innovative Ceramic Platform

SHINING 3D has introduced a cutting-edge ceramic platform that not only enhances durability but also improves user experience.

Flexible Material Selection

SHINING Dent provides a diverse range of materials for various dental 3D printing needs, including splints, dentures, crowns & bridges, dental models, surgical guides, and more. With 11 available resins tailored for different applications, users can choose based on their specific requirements. Moreover, SHINING 3D collaborates with top dental material brands, offering a wider selection for users.

Effortless Printing

Enables easy one-click printing for a variety of dental applications like restoration, C&B, splint, surgical guide, orthodontic model, and more. The incorporation of advanced AI algorithms allows automated surface recognition for layout planning, support generation, and slicing.

Cloud-Based Printing

Access the Dental Cloud through AccuWare for remote monitoring, control, and slicing of your printing files from anywhere and at any time.

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