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Type:  Lecture | Demonstration | Hands-on | Clinically Treat Comprehensive

Starts September 23-24th, 2022 

Mentorship Program Details

Credits: 140CE

Bruce J. Crispin DDS, MS, founder and director of Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center in Tarzana, California has developed a program that is near and dear to his heart. Dr. Crispin, a board certified fixed prosthodontics and an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry for years dreamed of providing a program to teach general dentists the many techniques and tricks that he has learned over the past 40 years. The primary goal of this mentorship program is to show every dentist how to be successful in diagnosing, staging, and completing the comprehensive restorative cases that every practice contains. Is it time you stop neglecting lucrative complex cases because of a lack of knowledge or because you did not know how to plan treatment stages the average patient can afford?

Mastering the many procedures, techniques, and materials required for treating complex fixed prosthodontic reconstruction cases requires far more that just multiplying a single unit by many times. Special but easily learned skills are required that far exceed what is needed to treat simple fixed cases.

This mentorship program is designed for dentists that do not feel qualified or capable when treating complex reconstruction cases. The purpose of the mentorship is to show how to master the procedures necessary and then organize them into the easy to understand steps that are required to treat complex cases. Treating complex cases does not require a “super dentist” but requires a dentist to be “super organized”. Every complex case is treated with a logical series of simple steps. Organizing and understanding these steps will be a primary focus of this mentorship.

Enrollment in the program is strictly limited in order to assure a high level of interaction between participants and the faculty. The first applications received that qualify for entrance will be accepted into the program. Early application is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Dr. Bruce Crispin DDS, MS

Dr. Kristi Crispin DMD

Resident Case

(Fridays and Saturdays) 140 CE and AGD Credits

The program meets approximately every four weeks, unless otherwise indicated. Any optional dates, or changes in dates, will be arranged with the course participants after the program begins.

Dates Subject To Change

  • September 23-24, 2022
  • October 21-22, 2022
  • November 18th-19th, 2022
  • December 16th-17th, 2022
  • January 20th-21st, 2023
  • February 17th-18th, 2023
  • March 24-25, 2023
  • April 21st-22nd, 2023
  • Additional Clinic Only Sessions as needed

Demystifying and applying occlusal and philosophies

  • Overview of different occlusal reconstruction philosophies
  • Restorative VS natural occlusal approaches
  • Anterior Deprogrammers
  • Diagnostic interocclusal registrations
  • Simplifying articulators, facebows and how to use them
  • Fundamentals of occlusion necessary to do full mouth reconstructions
  • Staying out of trouble

Jaw recording techniques that anyone can master

  • Programming articulators
  • Selecting the “right” articulator

Integrating Digital Technology

Diagnosis and planning: the “Key” to practice success

  • Patient examination
  • What diagnostic materials do you need before you start?
  • Evaluating patient cooperation and relationship building

Material Analysis Selection

  • Monolithic vs layered, ceramic vs zirconia, ceramometal?, hybrids
  • Cementation vs bonding

Pre-treatment therapy using bonded and removable appliances

  • “Super Splints”
  • Pre-restorative occlusal therapy
  • Pre-restorative esthetic analysis
  • Pre-restorative patient cooperation evaluation

Choreographing the Treatment Sequence

  • Treatment planning VS “plan of treatment”
  • Keeping errors small and correctable
  • Learning the “baby steps” so anyone can do it
  • Learn different approaches for different material and restoration types

Soft Tissue Management and Tissue Preparation

  • Mastering tissue control and simplifying impression making
  • Fundamentals of radiosurgery and lasers

Provisional Restorations

  • Provisionals, the foundation for success
  • Selection an optimal material for reconstructions
  • Provisionals that are esthetic and functional
  • Creating a “prototype” for the final restoration
  • Ensuring tooth and tissue stability
  • Finalizing treatment decisions

Tooth Preparation

  • Maintaining points of reference
  • Variations for different restoration choices
  • Esthetic vs metallic prefabricated posts
  • Custom esthetic posts

Laboratory Steps for Optimal Success with No Remakes

  • Minimizing post delivery adjustments
  • Sequencing to minimize chair time and errors
  • Laboratory communications for optimal results

Optimizing Esthetic Results

  • Optimal materials selection
  • Chairside ceramic color modification

Contemporary Adhesive VS Traditional Cemented Restorations

  • Using Attachments to Create Contingencies and Segmenting Options

Laboratory Hands-On Practice

  • Hands-on practice precede clinical treatment

Clinically Treat a Complex Reconstruction as Part of the Mentorship*

Note that a significant part of this mentorship program is dedicated to clinically treating a complex reconstruction case. Residents can work individually or share a patient. Please contact EP for questions regarding patient selection. It is also ok to observe patient treatment but not advised if an optimal experience is to be achieved.

*All participants will need to provide Esthetic Professionals with a copy of dental license, dental degree, CPR certificate and proof of malpractice Insurance prior to the start of the clinical sessions. Clinical fees are separate from the tuition.


A complex reconstruction case should be selected by each participant and treated as a parallel part of the mentorship program.

The Advanced Fixed Prosthodontics Mentorship program will consist of 8 hour sessions held on Fridays & Saturdays approximately every 4 weeks for a total of 18 days (140 hours). Each session allows for in-depth coverage of topics. Sessions will be divided into components that will:

  • Present didactic information (Lectures)
  • Includes symposium style discussions
  • Provide laboratory exposure and experience with materials and techniques
  • Require patient treatment experiences based upon individual interests and course requirements.*

*Please Note: Patients treated during clinical sessions will be required to pay a clinical fee for services performed. In general they are 1/3-1/2 private practice fees, to encourage participation. Residents may charge patients higher fees to offset tuition.

  • $9,660 (base tuition)
  • Early Registration Tuition : $8660 (Save $1000)
  • Early Registration at least 40 days prior to mentorship start date

  • -0% Financing Options Available
  • Inquire for group discounts
  • Instrument and Material Kit required. (Call for Details)

Note: Tuition does not include patient clinic fees or materials and equipment required for the course. Financing options will be available to accommodate individual doctor needs.

A notebook, syllabus, copies of review articles, most expendable materials, models, and some equipment will be supplied. Certain equipment and materials are required and must be supplied or purchased by participant. Special discounts will be offered on these essential restorative dentistry materials and equipment.
  • Early bird discount: $8660 (Save $1000)
  • Early Registration at least 40 days prior to mentorship start date

  • -0% Financing Options Available
  • Comprehensive Alumni additional $500 discount
  • Group Discounts (10-25%)
  • EP Elite Membership Inluded with Tuition
Esthetic Professionals is designated as an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education programs of this program provider are accepted by AGD for Fellowship, Mastership, and membership maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. ID# 218987


Call 818-654-7102 or 877-374-3371

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