Anterior Direct Bonding Series

Dr. James Peyton

December 5-7th, 2024 

Type:  Lecture | Hands On  | Demos | Clinic Option

Credits: 8-24 CE


High quality and time efficient direct bonding techniques are some of the hardest techniques to master by restorative dentists.  Dr. Peyton has presented nationally and internationally and is considered one of only a very few experts on the subject that is also an effective teacher.

The program will provide a unique step-by-step technique approach to anterior direct bonding. This program is designed for any dentist who wants to elevate their skill level in anterior direct bonding and predictably provide esthetic outcomes.

Dr. James Peyton



Direct Bonding Part I AM: The Class IV Restoration


One of the most common bonding techniques is the repair of a class IV fracture.  Mastering the techniques and materials for this procedure will provide the foundation for mastering more complex direct bonding techniques.

Direct Bonding Part I PM: Diastema Closure


Closing small spaces between teeth can be a difficult challenge.  Dr. Peyton will demonstrate how to use techniques to achieve optimal results.

Direct Bonding Part II: Direct Bonded Veneer


The direct bonded veneer offers a challenging yet more affordable alternative to indirect veneers.  Day 2 of this series will be entirely devoted to the techniques and materials used to fabricate high quality, esthetic bonded veneers.









                        Direct Bonding Part III: Posterior Composite Annual Update & First Clinical Experience


                        Clinic Day One; Direct Bonded Restoration




                        Part 1: November 5th, 2024

                        Part 2: December 6th, 2024

                        Part 3 Clinic: December 7th, 2024

                        • Diastema closure, class IV fracture
                        • Esthetic bonded veneers
                        • Techniques to achieve optimal results
                        • Basic tooth anatomy
                        • Material alternatives and comparisons
                        • Color, translucency, layering
                        • Unique techniques to simplify direct bonding
                        • Instrumentation
                        • Tooth preparation
                        • Surface texture, finishing, and polishing
                        • Practical advice for practice integration and maximizing profit
                        • AACD candidates get advice from our accredited faculty


                        • (Part I) Diastema closure, class IV fracture
                        • (Part II) Esthetic bonded veneers
                        • Material selection and manipulation
                        • Instrument selection and utilization
                        • Color mapping and layering
                        • Clinical Hands- On

                        • Treat a patient in our state of the art clinic
                        TUITION & FINANCING OPTIONS
                        • $495 for Day I:   Class IV Restoration & Diastema Closure
                        • $495 for Day II:  Bonded Facial Veneers
                        • $795 Day I & II
                        • $395 for Clinic: Treat a Patient
                        • 50% off (base tuition) if repeating the course.
                        • Group Discounts – 10% – 25%
                        • Non-dentist staff may attend free of charge. 
                        APPROVED PACE PROGRAM

                        Esthetic Professionals is designated as an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education programs of this program provider are accepted by AGD for Fellowship, Mastership, and membership maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. ID# 218987


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