Anterior Direct Bonding Series

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Anterior Direct Bonding Series – Partial Coverage Restorations

Type: Lecture | Hands-on | Demos
Course Duration: Part 1: November 6, 2020 Part 2: January 15, 2021
Credits: 8-16 CE
Instructed by: Dr. James Peyton

Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center in Tarzana California is pleased to have Dr. James Peyton, a Fellow and Examiner for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry demonstrate and present on direct composite bonding techniques and materials.


High quality and time efficient direct bonding techniques are some of the hardest techniques to master by restorative dentists.  Dr. Peyton has presented nationally and internationally and is considered one of only a very few experts on the subject that is also an effective teacher.

The program will provide a unique step-by-step technique approach to anterior direct bonding. This program is designed for any dentist who wants to elevate their skill level in anterior direct bonding and predictably provide esthetic outcomes.


Direct Bonding Part I AM: The Class IV Restoration


One of the most common bonding techniques is the repair of a class IV fracture.  Mastering the techniques and materials for this procedure will provide the foundation for mastering more complex direct bonding techniques.

Direct Bonding Part I PM: Diastema Closure


Closing small spaces between teeth can be a difficult challenge.  Dr. Peyton will demonstrate how to use techniques to achieve optimal results.









Direct Bonding Part II AM: Direct Bonded Veneer


The direct bonded veneer offers a challenging yet more affordable alternative to indirect veneers.  Day 2 of this series will be entirely devoted to the techniques and materials used to fabricate high quality, esthetic bonded veneers.


  • Diastema closure, class IV fracture
  • Esthetic bonded veneers
  • Techniques to achieve optimal results
  • Basic tooth anatomy
  • Material alternatives and comparisons
  • Color, translucency, layering
  • Unique techniques to simplify direct bonding
  • Instrumentation
  • Tooth preparation
  • Surface texture, finishing, and polishing
  • Practical advice for practice integration and maximizing profit
  • AACD candidates get advice from our accredited faculty


  • (Part I) Diastema closure, class IV fracture
  • (Part II) Esthetic bonded veneers
  • Material selection and manipulation
  • Instrument selection and utilization
  • Color mapping and layering


Dr. James Peyton, graduated from UCLA School of Dentistry in 1982. While maintaining a private practice in Bakersfield, CA he is also a part-time clinical instructor at the UCLA School of Dentistry. Dr. Peyton is a lecturer at Esthetic Professionals Education Center (Tarzana, CA) and a part-time instructor at the Fahl Institute in Curitiba, Brazil. He has published several articles for Practical Procedures and Esthetic Dentistry and The Journal of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Dr. Peyton is an accredited fellow, and examiner for the AACD.

This afternoon lecture/hands-on session is the finale of Esthetic Professionals “Direct Restorative Series”. The lecture is designed to update attendees on the broad spectrum of contemporary materials and techniques that are available for use when placing posterior composites. In the hands on portion of the program dentists will place 2 posterior composites using the newest matrix materials and composite technology. This half day program is designed as an easy way to update or validate your posterior composite techniques.

Tuition and Incentives

  • $495 for Part I:   Class IV Restoration & Diastema Closure
  • $495 for Part II:  Bonded Facial Veneers (Bonus: pre-fab veneers)
  • $875 Parts I & II
  • 50% off (base tuition) if repeating the course.
  • Group Discounts – 10% – 25%

To Register

Download the registration form. This form is available in PDF format and is best viewed with the latest, free Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

Please contact Esthetic Professionals Education Center via email at or 877-374-3371 or 818-654-7102.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be submitted in writing, signed, and are dated when received at EP. If cancellations are made 30-60 days before the start of the program, 25% of the total tuition must still be paid. 100% of the total tuition is transferable to another program for one year with no penalties. If cancellations are made 0-30 days before the start of the program, 50% of the total tuition must still be paid. 75% of the total tuition is transferable to another program for one year. If cancellations are made after the start of the program, 100% of the total tuition must still be paid. 50% of the total tuition is transferable to another program for one year. Esthetic Professionals reserves the right to cancel any program seven days prior to the starting date. 100% refunds will be given or transferred to another program.

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