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Our dental team prides itself in utilizing the most advanced technology, using only the highest quality dental materials. Also, caring for our patients by listening to their needs is of the utmost importance.

Experience Painless Injections

original_inline-wandWe know that some patients get more nervous than others at the mere sight of a needle and syringe. That’s where the CompuDent system comes in, featuring the Wand – a small lightweight handpiece that resembles a pen. The computer controlled system allows for an even-flow delivery of anesthetic in a very comfortable, non-threatening manner. It eliminates the “bee sting” effect – the painful consequence from a surge of fluid into a confined tissue area. Even more, certain injections made possible with the Wand minimize the unnecessary numbness of the tongue, cheek, and face. Imagine leaving the dentist’s office without a “fat lip!”

CompuDent(TM) featuring the Wand handpiece provides painless injections for all routine dental treatment including root canals, crowns, fillings, and cleanings. Milestone Scientific’s computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery system doesn’t look like a syringe. It doesn’t feel like a syringe. And, what’s more, it works better than a syringe resulting in a more pleasant experience. Ask Dr. Crispin about CompuDent and the Wand at your next visit. It’s the comfortable alternative to the syringe.

Digital Radiography

original_inline-digital-radiographyDr. Crispin understands how image resolution is related to confident diagnoses-and ultimately to the quality of patient care. Our imaging solutions have been selected with our patients’ comfort in mind. Results are almost immediate, so Dr. Crispin can make diagnoses “on the spot” and communicate treatment options effectively.

Sensor remote control incorporated in the cable, the sensor remote control eases activation of the sensor from the dentist’s chair and allows for the prior orientation of the image before exposure. No further adjustment is needed before or after the image is taken, so our attention remains fully focused on the patient.

Digital Shade Selection

original_inline-digital-selection“A dental shade guide is the commonly accepted method of evaluating the colour of natural teeth to provide an artificial substitute.”
Preston JD. Current status of shade selection and color matching. Quint Int 1985; 1: 47-58.

Dr. Crispin uses the VITA Easyshade, a simple-to-use point and click digital spectrophotometer that provides instant dental shade readouts regardless of the lighting conditions, to assure the best color match.




Esthetic Professionals, located in Tarzana, California, is a unique dental practice. In addition to offering a comprehensive selection of cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry treatments for the benefit of our patients, we provide fellow dentists with hands-on education and laboratory services. With 30 employees, over 18 faculty members, and a 16,000 square foot facility, we are well-equipped to offer patients and professionals alike unparalleled service and care. Esthetic Professionals serves Los Angeles, California and the surrounding communities.


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