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Dental Crowns Tarzana

original_inline-Ceramic-CrownsAt your initial appointment Dr. Crispin can determine whether you are a candidate for dental crown. Drs. Crispin and their Tarzana team pride themselves in successfully correcting the following existing problems with crowns:

  • Full mouth rehabilitations
  • Spaces between teeth or a bridge to replace missing teeth
  • Incorrect bite
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Malpositioned teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Root canal treated teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Esthetic corrections of teeth
  • Reinforcing structurally compromised teeth
  • Replacing defective crowns

Crowns done by Dr. Crispin can restore your teeth back to their original function, appearance and comfort. The technology available to dentists today gives the patient an amazing variety of material choices to achieve their own personal and esthetic goals. The crowns range from non- metal choices; ceramic/porcelain, zirconium and or metal choices from high noble metal to Captek and many more. With our on-site dental laboratory, we custom fabricate and color your crowns to meet the demands of the most discriminating patients.
If you have one or more of the above dental situations please contact our office for a FREE meet and greet appointment. We can answer all your questions and determine if you are the right candidate for crown.

What is a Dental Crown?

Crowns are used when the original structure of the tooth needs to be restored and cannot be restored by a filling, inlay or onlay. A crown covers all surface of the tooth and restores it to its natural look, function and feeling. It can be made out of several different materials; gold, porcelain fused to metal, all ceramic. How to determine which material is best for you will be discussed at your comprehensive diagnostic appointment.

Understanding the Procedure

Two dental visits are generally necessary to complete the treatment for your new crown. At appointment one you are made comfortable with painless computer generated STA anesthesia technology and your tooth is prepared for your new crown removing decay and broken down tooth structure. Following the preparation, an impression is made of the prepared tooth and a custom shade is determined by our in house ceramist. All the information is then taken to the laboratory in our Tarzana office where your dental crown is fabricated. A temporary crown is made and placed on your tooth to protect it while your new crown fabricated. At your second appointment your temporary crown is removed and your new crown is tried in your mouth. The new custom-made crown is then permanently cemented recreating the natural tooth’s look and feel.

Why Are Our Crowns Different?

Dr. Bruce and Dr. Kristi Crispin are experts in the field of dentistry. Dr. Bruce Crispin is also a Board Certified Fixed Prothodontist in this area. These two generations of dentists train doctors from all over the country on how to perform this procedure with the highest level of results. Their onsite, high quality dental laboratory specializes in crowns and other restorations so your case does not have to be sent to an outside laboratory. The Crispin’s pride themselves on working with master ceramists who fabricates all types of custom crown for only their patients. Having the ability to work closely with a ceramist on site allows Dr. Crispin to do custom crowns the fit each patients specific needs. Dr. Crispin has the ability to do custom shade matching, smile design, reconstructions and esthetic contouring to achieve the natural and life like Hollywood smile results our patient want. Please view our smile gallery to see our before and after photographs of our crowns.

Our Results

After your new crown is placed it should feel comfortable and look natural. Drs. Crispin pride themselves on being able to combine the art, science and health of their profession. Our team also prides ourselves on providing high quality products that give our patients the best results possible at affordable prices. Please see our smile gallery to see how crowns can help you achieve the results you have been looking for. To schedule a consultation for dental crowns, contact our Tarzana staff today.




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