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Dental Hygiene Tarzana

original_inline-Dental-HygieneIn the office of Dr. Bruce and Kristi Crispin our dental hygienists are oral health care providers who have been trained by the world renowned JP Institute and certified by the Laser Standard Proficiency Certification Course. They are members of the American Dental Hygiene Association, Ventura County Dental Hygiene Association and are certified Registered Dental Hygienist. They have had extensive post graduate training to obtain knowledge to perform all hygiene therapies, pre-surgical treatment, laser treatment and to maintain the health of our patient’s oral environment.

Our dental hygiene practice is designed to provide Tarzana patients with optimum care by assessing the individual needs of each and every patient at their initial appointment. During a patients initial visit with our hygiene department a comprehensive periodontal diagnostic work-up is performed by evaluating any medical conditions, signs and symptoms of any oral conditions as well as a periodontal screening. Measurements are taken around each individual tooth measuring the depth of the sulcus or gums for pockets and noting any bleeding. This will determine if the patient has any signs and or symptoms of periodontal disease. Additionally, radiographs may also be taken to identify any loss of bone support around the teeth. A determination is then made for care of the patient based on the clinical findings. If no periodontal disease is present routine cleaning and prevention will occur and home care will be discussed. If there are clinical signs of periodontal disease then a discussion of what periodontal disease is and suggested non-surgical treatments would be further explained and treatment will be scheduled. Schedule a consultation with us today.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Periodontal Disease

Non surgical treatment is performed when periodontal disease is present in the patient. A deep cleaning or scaling and root planning is performed to remove any hard surface deposits known as tartar under the gums that are attached to the tooth and the root surface of the tooth. If these are the cause of the periodontal disease and if these deposits are not removed the periodontal disease will continue leading to tooth loss and other systemic problems. This can be done without anesthesia however to reduce discomfort anesthesia is recommended. Anesthesia is administered by a computerized device called The STA making it a much more comfortable way to deliver anesthesia to our patients. Laser treatment may also be used in addition to the deep cleaning which will decontaminate the pocket and reduce the bacteria. Following non surgical treatment regular periodontal maintenance appointments are scheduled to monitor the periodontal disease. Our goal is to stop the progression of the disease and return our patients mouth to a disease free environment which will keep the entire body healthier.

Periodontal Maintenance

Once non surgical periodontal treatments have been completed regular periodontal maintenance visits are decided on an individual basis. With each visit an evaluation of homecare and re-probing of existing pockets to assess the periodontal status is performed. The hygienist will discuss the findings with each patient and give recommendations or additional treatment if necessary. These visits are important to maintain and improve periodontal disease. Periodontal Maintenance also includes patients who have not had non surgical treatment but do have periodontal disease.

Routine Cleaning and Prevention: Continuing Care

Continuing care or prophylaxis (cleaning) for the non-periodontally involved patient are determined on an individual basis to maintain a healthy mouth. The visit includes probing, evaluation of homecare, oral hygiene instructions and homecare products or dental aids dispensed if necessary. Attending regular dental hygiene appointments at our Tarzana office is extremely important in the prevention of periodontal disease.


Educating the patient of homecare is significant in helping to maintain a healthy environment in the mouth. A plaque and tartar free mouth play a leading role in our overall health. Since brushing and flossing alone may not be sufficient in reducing the bacteria in the mouth, the hygienist may recommend other dental aids. The hygienist will look for any sensitivity, recession caused by toothbrush abrasion, clenching or grinding of the teeth, excessive enamel or root decay, improper fitting restorations, oral conditions caused by medications such as a dry mouth and will suggest special homecare needs and products.

Homecare Products

Because homecare plays such a vital role in maintaining optimum health we have extensive homecare products available including power toothbrushes such as the Sonicare by Phillips and replacement toothbrush heads, rubber tip stimulators, proxy brushes, floss/superfloss, soft picks, end-tuft brushes, fluoride toothpastes and gels, and anti-microbial mouthwash. Our dental hygienists are very pro-active in the necessity of specific products for a specific need and dispense them accordingly.

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We strive to make our patients feel comfortable and relaxed at each visit and hope to encourage them to participate in their oral care and to be as passionate as we are for their overall well being. We need to remember our mouth is the entry way into our body and we need to maintain a healthy mouth environment. You are your own best advocate so call us to schedule an appointment at our Tarzana office with one of our dental hygiene professionals so you can begin to have a healthy mouth and body.




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