Comprehensive Dental Sleep Medicine Course

Type: Lecture | Hands On Clinical

Date: TBD

Credits: 16 CE


We will help you develop a vision for your OSA practice that is TEAM FOCUSED. Most courses make Dental Sleep Medicine complicated and technical. This course will teach you and your team the fundamentals in science, appliance selection, practice building and physician networking to help you SUCCESSFULLY implement OSA into your general practice.

You and your team will have a road map to start treating patients on MONDAY MORNING!

Course Director: Dr. Steven Greenman
Dr. Greenman graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1981 and currently practices in Westlake Village CA. Dr. Greenman also completed four private educational residencies to enhance and hone his skills as a dentist: Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry, Implant Placement and Restorative Dentistry, Advanced Fixed Prosthodontics and Occlusion, and Advanced Occlusion at Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center in Tarzana CA. Dr. Greenman also received his training in Sleep Apnea under Dr. Glenn Clark at the USC School of Dentistry and has been treating snoring and sleep apnea since 2009. In 2015 Dr. Greenman completed the requirements and examination to become a Diplomat of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine.

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June 9th-10th 2022

  • Scientific fundamentals of obstructive sleep apnea for dentists
  • How to identify and create awareness on your existing patients
  • How to properly implement HST for your patients
  • A proven team driven step-by-step workflow that gets results
  • When to use what appliance for optimal results
  • Documents to use when working with medical doctors
  • Live demonstration of appliance delivery technique and protocols
  • Live demonstration of conducting Sleep Disordered Breathing examinations
  • Live demonstration of face-to-face patient consultation for Oral Appliance Therapy

Session One:

    Lecture: Why are we here?  Course overview

    Lecture: Sleep Apnea 101 – Scientific Fundamentals of OSA for Dentists  

    Lecture: Comprehensive Sleep Apnea Physical Exam

    Lecture: Comprehensive Sleep Apnea Exam Demonstration and use of Software

    Hands-on Clinic: Attendee performance of Comprehensive Sleep Apnea Exam

    Lecture: Documents, prescriptions and sleep test parameters required for standard of care and medical insurance billing – Documents to Use When Working with Doctors

    Lecture: Breaking down the barriers to sleep apnea testing and incorporation into general dental practice – How to Properly Implement HST for Your Patients

    Lecture: Introduction to Watermark Ares Home Sleep Testing – An affordable option for the dental practice

    Hands-on Clinic: home sleep testing of attendee volunteers.


    Session Two:

      Hands-on Clinic: Upload Watermark Sleep Apnea Tests

      Lecture: Review and Introduction to OAT -Delivery, practices, long-term effects and complications

      Lecture: Oral appliance selection criteria – When to Use What Appliance for Optimal Results

      Lecture: Introduction to the business of Dental Sleep Medicine – A Proven Step-by-Step, Team Driven Workflow    

      Hands-on Clinic: Face-to-face consultation, records and gaining commitment for OAT

      Lecture: Medical/Medicare billing Best Practices

      Lecture: How do you get patients? – Marketing and advertising    


      • Entire Program: $1995 (includes one doctor and two team members)
        • Group Discounts – 10% – 25%

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