VHF R5 Dental Mill

Introducing the VHF R5

High Definition Dental Milling System

Highest Precision

  • restorations in ultra HD
  • high-precision spindle with 800 watts of power and 80,000 RPM
  • 3 microns repetition accuracy

Complete Independence

  • sheer unlimited material accessibility in 98 mm disc format, 38 block materials, and 800+ titanium and CoCr prefab abutment blanks
  • >covers the broadest range of indications, due to ±35° rotation angle in the 5th axis, and up to 40 mm discs

Powerful and Robust

  • mills and grinds the toughest materials on the market including all Ti and CoCr
  • proven industrial quality
  • 100,000 RPM electrical high frequency spindle

Extremely Economical

  • one of the fastest machines on the market
  • revolutionary material loading with Direct Disc Technology (patent pending)
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