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Webinars (Watch On Your Own Time)

Instructed by: Variety of Lecturers


Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center in Tarzana CA. offers webinars ranging in a variety of topics. The purpose of these webinars is to allow offsite education and to reduce the time and visits necessary for our Comprehensive Esthetic and Restorative Mentorship program. These webinars have all been pre-recorded allowing you the freedom to watch when you want. Please see below for the current selection of topics.

Webinar One (Stair-step one)

Solving Difficult Esthetic and Restorative Challenges

Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center in Tarzana California is pleased to have Dr. Bruce Crispin present a webinar on solving common but difficult esthetic challenges that can result in frustration, loss of patient confidence as well as lost income.

Masking Discolored Teeth

The use of translucent ceramic and composite restorative materials is essential to match natural teeth.  When teeth are discolored due to root canals, trauma or metal posts, learning how to neutralize the problem is critical.  This section of the webinar will demonstrate the techniques and material used to block out discolored teeth when using translucent crowns and veneers.  An update on the differences in the opacity of contemporary crystallin and zirconia materials will be presented.

Controlling Ceramic Thickness for Optimal Shade Matching

Matching thin ceramic veneers to ceramic crowns can be problematic.  The different ceramic thicknesses result in a difference in light transmission resulting in shade differences.  This section of the webinar will show how to eliminate this problem without sending cases back to the laboratory.

Creating Esthetic Substructures

When inadequate tooth structure exists, core buildups, post and cores, dowel cores and even retentive pins may be necessary for adequate restorative retention.  This section of the webinar will demonstrate and evaluate the many materials and techniques used for rebuilding deficient teeth.  The focus will be on developing the most esthetic substructure with the most predictable prognosis.

Simplifying and Staging Complex Cases

Almost every complex restorative case can be treated with an organized sequence of simple steps.  By learning these simple steps, options and advantages are created.  Firstly, dentists with less experience can treat more complex cases predictably.  My mastering these simple but logical steps for treating complex cases, fewer mistakes are made, frustration is minimized, and profit optimized.  Finally, sequencing comprehensive restorative cases allows for spreading costs out for the patient without sacrificing outcomes.

Clinical and Materials Tips

In this part of the webinar, Dr. Crispin will present techniques, technologies, and materials that are helpful for the practicing dentist to be more successful.  Topics include: interocclusal registrations to open vertical dimension, adding pink chairside, reducing wear and symptoms using simple bonding techniques, optimal posterior materials, Psychology of Success”, why not to use mirrors, cordless impressions, must have technologies and why

Webinar Two A- (Stair-step one)

Webinar Two B- (Stair-step one)

    Adhesion and Adhesive Materials Update

    Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center in Tarzana California is pleased to have a group of materials experts present updates on different manufacturers latest and greatest adhesive materials.  Adhesive materials will include dentin and universal adhesives, cements, bioactive materials, antimicrobial materials, bond enhancers, sensitivity reducers.

    Dr. Edmond Hewlett will present an update on current adhesive principles. Dr. Bruce Crispin has also selected a group of manufactures that Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center has experience with.  The mandate was to send presenters to record live or pre-recorded presentations to cover their adhesive materials and techniques with an emphasis on what is new.  It is Dr. Crispin’s experience that the most accurate information about materials comes from the manufacturers that have developed them.  In addition, there is no hidden agenda by knowing what the manufacturer is presenting. Many dental lectures are subsidized by manufacturers, but the audience is not aware of this.

    A complete list of presenters and manufacturers are available upon request.


    Webinar Three – (Stair-step two)

      Contemporary Ceramic Materials and Applications

      (Dr. Bruce J. Crispin)

      Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center in Tarzana California is pleased to have Dr. Bruce Crispin present a webinar on Contemporary Ceramic Materials and Applications.  Dental ceramic materials are changing so rapidly it is hard to keep up.  This goal of this webinar is to provide information and examples that will help participants understand ceramic materials plus what is new and how to apply them.



      • Historical review of ceramic materials
      • What causes failures and how to avoid them
      • Evaluation of different categories of ceramic materials
      • Selecting the “Right” ceramic for the “Right” application
      • CAD/CAM ceramic materials update
      • Esthetics VS. Function
      • Layered VS. monolithic ceramics
      • Is there still a use for traditional ceramic materials
      • Bonding to contemporary ceramic materials

      Webinar Four – (Stair-step two)


      Ceramic Veneers Part I:  Indications, Diagnostic Work-Up, Treatment Planning, Patient Consultation, Preparations

      (Dr. Bruce J. Crispin)

      Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center in Tarzana California is pleased to have Dr. Bruce Crispin present a webinar on Ceramic Veneers Part I.  (NOTE: THAT VIEWING THIS WEBINAR IS A PRE-REQUISITE FOR TAKING THE CERAMIC VENEER SERIES) (NOT SOLD SEPARATELY)

      (Ceramic Veneers Series)

      Ceramic veneers have proven to be one of the most important esthetic restorative innovations in the last 50 years.  The very popular “Ceramic Veneer Series” presented each year at Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center has historically been 3 days long.  This required 2 weekend visits.  The purpose of this webinar was to reduce travel to one weekend by presenting the initial lecture materials in a webinar that could be viewed prior to attending.  This webinar must be reviewed prior to attending the Ceramic Veneer Series.


      • Indications and applications
      • Mandatory diagnostic procedures
      • Esthetic Analysis
      • Case planning and patient communications to manage patient expectations
      • “Psychology of Success”:  avoid problems caused by poor case management
      • Preparations form simple to complex
      • Enamel preservation techniques
      • Incisal preparation design variables and why
      • Diastema closure preparation modifications
      • Preparation guides
      • Predictable impressions
      • Lab communications
      • Material selection


      Webinar Five – (Stair-step two)

        Periodontics I: Procedures That Make Restorative Easier

        (Dr. Bruce J. Crispin)

        Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center in Tarzana California is pleased to have Dr. Bruce Crispin present a webinar on Periodontal proceduers that make restorative easier.


        Restorative dentists generally focus on teeth, but it is clear that mis-managing the surrounding periodontal tissues can make or break a restorative case.  In addition, mis-management of periodontal tissues can significantly complicate restorative procedures and may result in loss of profits and increased frustration.  The focus of this webinar will be to cover how the general dentist can best manage periodontal tissues themselves.  In addition, it is important that the general dentist knows specialist procedures and when to refer and how to communicate with the specialist.


        • Esthetic evaluation and the significance of periodontal morphology
        • Diagnosis: predicting problems in advance
        • Optimal periodontal esthetics
        • Gingival contouring, radiosurgery, CO2 lasers,
        • Crown elongation
        • When is osseous contouring necessary
        • Biological width evaluations
        • Communicating esthetic goals with the specialist
        • Extractions: to graft or not?
        • Ridge augmentation
        • Pontic site development
        • Grafting exposed roots
        • Artificial “pink” the restorative dentist can place
        • Surgical procedures
        • Limitations on treatment


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