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Looking for your next dental continuing education opportunity? We offer various platforms of learning including hands-on, online/remote, hybrid, clinical and lecture. Each section below is dedicated to a dental course topic, from Anatomy to Veneers. Our dental courses have been carefully curated by Dr. Bruce J. Crispin, our education center’s founder and co-director. Pulling from his 50 years of practicing dentistry and 40 years of teaching hands-on esthetic restorative dentistry, each course topic has been selected with care. We are a PACE-certified institution. 

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Pain Management & Avoidance

Practice Development

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The Faculty at Esthetic Professionals is truly a world class group of educators.  They are highly regarded in dental education as the leaders in progressive, cutting edge education. 

Many of our faculty have taught at major universities, lectured nationally and internationally, while maintaining private practices. This practical experience allows them to provide true hands-on, clinical expertise in today's dental environment. 

Each of our faculty takes pride in working with every student and making them the best dentist they can be.