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2023-2024 Upcoming Courses

Extending the Longevity of Our Dental Restorations and Our Ability to Practice

December 15th, 2023 | 3 CEU 

In this exciting new course, Dr. Crispin & Mr. Malcolm will present the latest techniques, technology and materials on how to minimize practice failures, as well as introduce and demonstrate cutting edge technology to minimize problems that often lead to premature retirement.

Simplifying Complex Reconstructions Part I: Segmenting & Simplifying Occlusion For The GP

January 12, 2024 | 8CEU

Learn how to simplify, sequence and organize complex restorative cases that need vertical dimension changes.

Simplifying Complex Reconstructions Part II: Diagnostic Procedures & Pre-restorative Therapy

January 13th, 2024 | 8 CEU

Part II: Learn the first phases of working up and starting complex restorative cases and getting the right information.

Treating The Completely Endentulous Patient (All on 2, 4, 6, 8)

 Lecture & Hands On | January 27-28th 2024 | 16CEU | Dr. Tony Daher

Learn the many technique options for treating implanted supported complete arch restorations

Indirect Restorations Part I: Anterior and Posterior

February 1 & 2nd, 2024 | 16-24CEU | Februrary 3rd – Optional Clinic 

Update your knowledge, skills and options for minimally invasive anterior and posterior single and multiple unit restorations

The Marriage of Biomimetics and a Unique Matrix System resulting in "The Super Anterior and Posterior Composite”

Feburary 9th & 10th, 2024 | 16 CEU 

In this exciting new course, Dr. Richard Young will teach the that tooth structure is the most valuable material we have in dentistry, use it don’t lose it.

Complete Dentures

February 17-18th, 2024 | 16CEU 

In this exciting new course, predictable esthetics and function, from initial diagnosis to final delivery, led by Dr. Tony Daher.

Advanced Adhesion Immersive Hands-on Workshop:

Mastering Immediate Dentin Sealing, Resin Coating, Deep Margin Elevation and Modern Ceramic Preparation & Bonding Protocols!

March 8th, 2024 | 8CEU

This lecture and hands-on workshop will cover optimal preparations and bonding of all posterior ceramic restorations plus advanced techniques on immediate dentin sealing, resin coating and deep margin elevation.

Indirect Restorations Part II: Ceramic Veneer Series

April 11th-13th & Optional Clinic April 26th, 2023 | 14-35 CEU

This is one of the most comprehensive and complete lecture, hands-on and clinical ceramic veneer series offered anywhere

Comprehensive Diagnosis & Treatment Planning: Understanding Esthetic Parameters, Design and Occlusion

Team Program | October 17th-18th, 2024 | 16CE

This 2 Day team course is designed to teach you how to adopt a logical and systemic treatment plan approach. Understand esthetic parameters & design, as well as teach you simplify occlusal concepts. 

Digital Communication: Intra-Oral and Portrait Photography Workshop

October 19th, 2024 | 8 CE

Mastering visual communication with our patients and the laboratory are critical for esthetic treatment success. This comprehensive hands-on team program will teach the entire team how to use the many available technologies and techniques used to communicate.

2024 Date to Be Determined 

Anterior Direct Bonding Series

TBD – 2024 

Lecture, hands-on, optional clinic program that will elevate your skill and knowledge level in all areas of direct bonding.

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