Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns provide an esthetic and in some instances a conservative alternative to metal or ceramometal crowns. They may also be used for patients that do not desire metal restorations. 


  • Conventional or stackable ceramic crowns are recommended when maximum esthetic results are desired when matching adjacent natural teeth. They are also recommended when minimal tooth reduction is desired or in combination with conventional ceramic veneers. Adhesive technology is required and use should be limited to bicuspids forward on patients with minimal to normal functional demands.



conventional ceramic #8 and #9


  • High strength pressed ceramic crowns are recommended when greater strength is desired. Ideal for multiple unit reconstructions when all ceramic crowns are desired. Can be used on anterior teeth, bicuspids and molars. To achieve optimal esthetic results, for teeth in the esthetic zone, they should be layered with conventional ceramic.  Full contour monolithic stained crowns are recommended for bicuspid and molars or multiple unit anterior teeth where strength is a bigger priority than esthetics. Adhesive technology is required. 



e-max crowns #6 to #11

  • High strength milled zirconia crowns are recommended when maximum strength is desired and maximum tooth reduction is acceptable. Layered zirconium crowns are an excellent choice when high strength and optimal esthetic results are desired.

    Monolithic multilayer zirconium crowns are Ideal in high stress areas and when esthetic demands are less demanding. Full contour, stained zirconium crowns are a cost effective option when strength and cost are priorities. Adhesive cements are not required.  Resin modified glass ionomer are recommended where normal retention exists



#8 post-operative view custom ceramometal dowel core and layered Zirconium crown

  • Resin based milled and printed crown materials have been developed and are available.  They provide a ceramic option in situations where ceramic crowns are not desired.  Longevity on these restorations must be factored into the decision to use these materials.

Printed crown, unstained and stained


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