Diagnostic Prototypes

Diagnostic Prototypes 

A diagnostic wax up is required for any situation where a significant modification of tooth form is required.

  • Diagnostic wax ups provide a diagnostic prototype for anterior esthetic changes and functional modifications like vertical dimension changes. They can be duplicated to provide stent for provisional fabrication.
  • It is required that that you provide the following for complex diagnostic wax ups if optimal results are to be achieved.

           -Face bow or stick bite

           -2 models of the arch to be waxed so a comparison model is maintained. 

          -Digital impressions optimal

         -Interocclusal registration at the correct vertical dimension and occlusal position (CO, CR)

        -Anterior full face and retracted photographs

For complex repositioning cases, pre-prepared models are also recommended.

Full mouth diagnostic wax up on adjustable articulator

Esthetic diagnostic wax up and case presentation model

Stone duplicated models of a diagnostic wax up with provisional stents and preparation guides

 Digital Alternatives and Printed Models 

printed models<br />

Digital preparation guide:

These images show the digital diagnostic was-up superimposed over the pre-op model.  They show the amount added or if the pink shows through the areas where coronalplastys are required.

digital mode
digital model 2


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