Implant Abutments, Crowns and Bridges

EP Laboratory provides a broad range of implant services. Diagnostic services include CT scans, surgical and x-ray stents, diagnostic wax ups and case planning with Dr. Bruce J. Crispin (Board Certified Prosthodontist) In addition, EP laboratory can fabricate the appropriate abutment type to meet your needs and a broad range of prosthetic alternatives.

Abutment Choices:

  • Metal custom abutments can be used under ceramometal or posterior restorations. Ti abutments are milled using the latest CAD/CAM technology


  • Ceramometal custom abutments are used under all ceramic restorations when optimal esthetic results are required. These are a great alternative to Zr custom abutments because they can be made in many colors, the ceramic is bonded to the metal abutment thus they are stronger that cemented Zr custom abutments.


Ceramometal custom abutment and PJC (conventional ceramic)

#7 Ceramometal custom abutment seated

#7 Conventional ceramic crown cemented over ceramometal custom abutment (adhesive cements required)


Soft tissue model

Model work
Ceramometal custom abutment on model

Model work
PJC crown covering ceramometal custom abutment

  • Zirconium abutments may also be used in selective instances or when they are the only option


Custom Milled Zirconia Abutments


Ceramic Modified Zirconia Abutment and PJC (ceramic added to abutment to modify color and emergence profile)

Ceramic Modified Zirconia Abutment

  • Consult with Dr. Crispin for questions on abutment selection.

Implant Crowns and Bridges

EP laboratory can fabricate almost any prosthesis from simple screw retained or cemented crowns to complex implanted supported prostheses. In addition, we provide highly esthetic solutions for the demanding patient. If you have any questions about case design and planning, please contact Dr. Bruce J. Crispin before you begin to minimize any problems.

Unique and Affordable Single Tooth Option

Porcelain fused to Titanium screw retained restoration.

molar porcelain fused

 Molar porcelain fused to milled Ti base, one piece screw retained

<br />
Molar porcelain fused to milled Ti base, one piece screw retained

Implant Case Gallery

Pre op, #9 to be extracted

Pre op, #9 to be extracted

Pre op x-ray 

Post op, #8 veneer, #9 ceramometal abutment and veneer<br />

Post Op – #8 veneer, #9 ceramometal abutment

Post op x-ray<br />

Post op x-ray

Preparations: 8 natural tooth, #9 ceramometal abutment<br />

Preparations: 8 natural tooth, #9 ceramometal abutment


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