Conservative Bridges

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Conservative Bridge Alternatives


normalEsthetic Professionals Laboratory has developed a number of unique conservative bridge options. When one or both abutment teeth are intact or minimally restored, conservative options to full crown retainers are desirable. Call for preparations models, options and materials selection

Combination bridges(Combining a crown and bonded retainer)

By using semi-precision attachments, traditional crown abutments and conservative minimally invasive partial coverage abutments can be combined to provide a conservative bridge option. (Call for more information)

Conservative esthetic bridge options(Crownless bridge retainers)

Option #1: Composite can be layered over a metal substructure to fabricate esthetic inlay-onlay bridge retainers. Option #2: Ceramic can be pressed over either a metal or zirconium substructure to fabricate esthetic and durable inlay-onlay bridges. Option #3: When combining veneers and pontics in the esthetic zone, a conservative esthetic substructure is fabricated and a separate veneer fabricated over the pontic to match adjacent veneer restorations. (Call for advice on best conservative option)

Bonded ceramometal (Maryland type) bridges (Metal wing retainers)

This old standars can work if done correctly and applied correctly. It is still the least invasive bridge alternative.

(Inquire for more information)

Note: Adhesive technology is required for all bridges in this category



Combination Bridge:  #7 bonded restoration (distal semi-precision finger rest), 5 inlay preparation, 6 pontic site developed after extraction of deciduous canine


#5 Inlay Retainer & #6 Pontic  (composite over metal) with mesial finger rest  on #7 bonded R\restoration


Ceramic Pressed to Zirconia Bonded Bridge

Ceramic Pressed to Zirconia Bonded Bridge

Ceramic Pressed to Zirconia Bonded Bridge

Ceramic Pressed to Zirconia Bonded Bridge


Ceramic Pressed to Zirconia Bonded Bridge


Ceramic Pressed to Zirconia Bonded Bridge (reverse mirror image)


Maryland bridge

Maryland bridge #24

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